Yes. You’re Already Enlightened. ( End Doubt, Seeking & Stress ) YOURE ALREADY HERE. Welcome Home✨

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Full Transcription:
I’ve realized that doubt may be the reason why so many of us continue to seek for years for what’s already here it’s like you have the knowledge and you believe you are God Consciousness life whatever you may label it but there’s still doubt of what is

This seeking energy can also be from how you imagine Enlightenment to be please listen to this you cannot imagine it or think about it whatever experience you are looking to have is just another creation of the mind it’s not what I’ve been trying to point you to

You cannot create what you are this realization isn’t a creation it’s already here I want you to realize that what you seek for is already here the mind and the doubt will have you searching for more so right now become aware of the eyes notice that they are seeing

You are not the body this body is a vessel it’s a manifestation an extension of what you truly are these are vehicles for Consciousness to have unique experiences to learn more about itself you are not the one who is seeing you are that which is aware of seeing happening

And don’t let doubt went over the truth if you are on a journey for truth to take the truth it’s the truth and don’t allow anything to take you away from it Now I want you to listen but listen the correct way you may close your eyes if you’d like it’s not needed but notice the sounds around you don’t label them just listen don’t try to focus on one particular sound notice everything as one as life itself You see there’s actually no such thing as left or right or up or down these sounds aren’t coming from your left side or right or in front or behind you notice that these sounds rise out of nowhere Sounds they rise out of nowhere can you sense that dimension of nowhere Don’t label any of this as separate life is one only one thing is here God you life consciousness it’s the only thing that we can truly say exist and don’t allow doubt to take you away from this truth whatever the mind is saying or creating it’s a lie what I’m pointing to is

Already here you don’t have to create it just realize it Enlightenment the truth of what you are needs to have all expectations dropped the Mind may have created what it may appear to be maybe because you have been consuming too much spiritual content But it’s here already it’s not a conceptual realization the mind doesn’t know you so why are you trying to use the mind to realize what’s already here you are above the mind the power of the mind is very very strong but what you are is much stronger you are a source of

Existence you allow the mind to exist Foreign the truth soon the doubt of the mind will be laughed at everything it’s saying will be a joke because doubt has no power over truth truth is one plus one is two no matter where you are in the universe this Remains the Same you cannot change it if

You are playing and no with aliens and they hit you with a droll for you will have for new cards added to your hand because there is no doubts when it comes to numbers when it comes to math numerology is said to be the language of God of you of the universe

You have to begin accepting your power accept your truth and doubt will go away the truth is you are not your thoughts don’t allow more thoughts to take you away from that truth the truth is you are not the body you are experiencing a body don’t allow

Doubt to take you away from that knowing see what I am saying to be true for you I don’t want you to believe me you don’t need any more beliefs with the mind Truth is not a belief because with belief there is doubt Stop Believing you are Consciousness and realize it be what you already and have always been the truth is what you have been seeking for is already here it can never not be the moment you realize that you may say

This is it this is what I’ve been seeking for the truth is not a feeling of the body so stop believing that Enlightenment is achieved through a body sensation or a mood it’s not a Feeling it’s here when you are angry it’s here when you are happy it’s here when you

Are confused and suffering It’s not far away it’s right here it’s so simple If your character is frustrated right now you are here and aware of it so effortlessly you don’t have to try to be what you truly are just be it’s effortless let go of trying and just be Gan challenging your doubts ask yourself questions and then realize the truth for

Example you can ask am I aware and do not use the mind to find the answers realize it and confirm it through experience You can ask has there ever in life been a time when awareness wasn’t aware can awareness be damaged can anything happen to awareness Can awareness be the objects it’s aware of the truth is you cannot be what you perceive because you are that which is aware of it the external is a mind creation we aren’t able to see what’s actually happening because nothing is actually happening all that’s happening is life

Life is one thing you are one thing no matter what’s going on we can’t say this isn’t life everything is life you are everything as one and that will never change and there is no doubt in mine that can change the truth of that it’s time to diminish

Doubt you know your power you know truth and it’s not a mental knowing welcome home

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