Why Are We Scared Of Our Higher Selves? ( Diminish The Fear of Change )

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Full Transcription:
You know the funny thing about humans and life it’s the fact that every single one of us knows exactly who we could be but yet we have this fear of changing into that version of ourselves why are we so afraid of our higher self why are we so afraid of actually

Reaching Out full potential and I’m someone who has fallen victim to this also it’s actually annoying sometimes because we know who we could be but there is always something that appears to be in the way and that may be our belief system it may be us constantly worrying about how

Others May perceive us it may be you believe that your environment is holding you back and I say believe because none of those things can hold you back unless you allow it to it’s just a belief no belief is the truth because if it was true it

Wouldn’t be something you believe in it would be something you know this is why I love the spiritual journey because you are constantly seeing and realizing the truth and things instead of living from a belief system with belief there is doubt so why are you still afraid to change is

It because you think people won’t like you well if you reach your full potential doesn’t that version of you not care if people like you or not doesn’t that version of you love yourself unconditionally and doesn’t need anyone or anything on the outside to feel whole and complete if not add

This to that future version of yourself that you want to be you don’t want to follow your desire because you may be afraid of failure but that future version of yourself doesn’t mind failure and it believes it can achieve anything I’m not going to say it’s easier said than done

Because that’s just a belief that we all hold on to here’s something I want you to think about time doesn’t exist and because time doesn’t exist this means that the future doesn’t exist the future is not in the future it’s right here happening right now I mean if you believe in time travel

They means the future has to be happening right now for us to even travel there how could we go to a place that doesn’t exist right now so because the future doesn’t exist that means that version of yourself that you dream to be is already here because everything is happening right now Knowing this gives you the ability to shift into that version of yourself at any time you can literally make the decision to act as if you are who you want to be constantly ask yourself how would my future self handle a situation like this how would my future self manage anxiety

Or fear what does My Future Self believe and know you can’t say this isn’t possible for you to do that’s just a belief how would your future self perceive this message you have to understand that the current version that your today is just made up of labels and ideas

Etc this character can choose to play any role in life at any time because you are not your personality it’s all fake and made up you are not the story of your lies because it change at any time we are all just acting regardless of who

You believe yourself to be it’s just an act you can literally be whoever you want to be I mean this knowledge is right in our faces when you go watch a movie the actors in the movie are playing a role they take on completely different personalities

And when the director says cut they just go back to acting another way in a more comfortable character it’s less intentional but it’s still a character this is another realization that comes to you while you’re on this journey my last video I talked about dying before you die so that you can live

Basically the video is about killing your identity and ego so that you can realize that you have never been this character that you thought yourself to be and then with the power of that realization you then can be whoever you desire to be for this experience

This is possible for every single one of us if you believe it’s not possible for you notice that it’s just a belief that can be changed the only true obstacle that’s in the way of this shift is fear but allow that future version of yourself to be best friends with fear

The very moment you become comfortable with fear you become a very dangerous person and a good way of course because you no longer let it stop you if anything you not use it as fuel you use it to grow and regardless of the outcome of facing your fears you will always

Learn from it but see the truth of what fear is it’s not real to begin with the Mind begins thinking and energy rises in the body and right away we identify with it before actually inquiring what’s happening notice that those thoughts are due and they aren’t happening to you they are

Just happening you don’t have to believe in those thoughts you can choose to just see the truth in them see that they are just thoughts see that thinking is happening and it’s happening to no one also when you begin feeling that energy vibrating in your body you automatically believe you’re in

Trouble or something’s wrong but if you just look at it without judging it or having a desire for it it go away you will realize that it’s not even hurting you and that you can actually be comfortable and okay with those Sensations in the body being present constantly seeing this will dissolve

That energy and it will also reprogram the way you react eventually you and fear will be best friends with every video I create my intentions for these videos are to find a way for these words to pierce through your conditioning so that what you truly are

Can hear this I’m no talking to a human I’m talking to Consciousness Consciousness is talking to consciousness I don’t care if the Mind understands this it won’t change anything you can have all the knowledge in the world and still be suffering because you aren’t living nor realizing the truth you’re

Just believing in it and with belief there is doubt I want you to know what you truly are and how much power you actually hold you are life you are worthy you are everything you are the universe thank you so much for watching I have many special videos on the way

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