Who Are You Talking to When You Talk to Yourself?

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Full Transcription:
Who are we really talking to when we are talking to ourselves what do you mean well to talk to someone or yourself there has to be two but there isn’t too it’s just me well is there really only one of you think about it we aren’t humans we are the consciousness awareness

Controlling our human bodies i’m pretty sure i am my body this is nonsense well what happens when you dream you don’t take your body with you to your dreams it’s our consciousness traveling to wherever dreams are we are consciousness having a human body experience anyways back to my theory when we talk to

Ourselves we sometimes talk as if we are talking to someone else for example when you are motivating yourself you may say you got this you are confident who are we talking to if there is only one of us why do we do that so who is this other person we are

Talking to them well it’s not another person i believe it’s still us in a way i believe we tap into our higher version of ourselves are the future version of ourselves and we talk to the past version of ourselves which is also us right now what the because the past and now and

The future are all happening right now if time travel exists the past and the future have to be happening right now how would we travel to a place that doesn’t exist right now in this very moment i think i understand so when that motivational and uplifting

Side of us is talking it’s our future selves or higher selfs talking to this current version of us yes because that future version of yourself is already who you want to be and it’s trying to tell you and remind you that you are it wow and for some reason i always know

What to say to myself too i say exactly what i need to hear sometimes yes it’s a trippy concept but i honestly believe this is true that version of yourself already has the confidence and everything you currently want because it is you from the quote on quote future and it’s so motivational

Sometime we even sit and have random conversations with ourselves and it really helps you’ll congratulate yourself and all once again we are not humans we are the consciousness awareness behind it so this isn’t impossible consciousness is talking to yourself separate consciousness from yourself you are talking to this human version of yourself

That’s actually very comforting i definitely am my own best friend exactly you can have a relationship with yourself you and yourself are not the same you are the awareness of yourself wow so start treating yourself more kindly start loving yourself take care of yourself because you only truly have yourself you

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