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Full Transcription:
Thank yourself for taking the time out of the day to benefit from this meditation please get in a comfortable position before we start close your eyes now and let’s start with some deep breaths don’t forget to relax feel that air coming in and out of the body place your attention on your breathing

Just notice that you are breathing here in this very moment you can let your breath return back to its normal pattern now now the goal of this meditation is for you to connect directly to who you truly are to your consciousness awareness now if you can’t reach that point today it’s okay

But i know you will even if you are new to this to begin i will ask you to be as present as you can during this practice it’s okay your life won’t fall apart if you’re not thinking about it that’s probably the reason why we suffer anyways so

Stop thinking about yourself play as if you were just born today and you know nothing about yourself or this world have fun with this let’s begin hello there welcome to this experience we call life before we let you go out into the world we would like for you to know who you

Truly are first first things first do not identify with this human body that you chose this is just the vehicle for you to use to experience life as a human being you will be capable to do everything we have designed for humans to do you will be able to feel these

Sensations in the body that they call emotions but they are simply just sensations in the body they don’t mean anything until you add a mental label and judge how they feel chair can scan your body with the power of your awareness and find where your strongest sensation may be

Now don’t label it good or bad yes it may be uncomfortable but there is no such thing as goat or bad everything just is remember you are not this human body you are the consciousness awareness of it and the one controlling it you don’t know this yet but you are very powerful

Some may even call you a god or god himself as a human you’re going to be on a journey to discovering and remembering you truly are that’s the objective of the game of life As the soul you are you chose to play this game you knew you would forget everything about your true nature but we want you to be different we want you to know this for the rest of your life you’re a chosen one so now we will help you remember before we continue

With the power of your awareness to come aware of the music in the background Now who’s the one aware of that it is not the human who is aware it’s you anything you can observe you cannot be it no matter what it is no matter how personal it feels you are always the awareness behind it you may have the realization of oh wow i’m just the awareness

But remember if you are aware of something you cannot be it it’s tricky right because i just told you that you are the awareness and you are but the awareness i’m talking about is also aware that you are aware once you become aware that you are aware just sit in that experience

Words will only lead you to the experience but you have to experience it to really see it to be true if those things called thoughts arise just be aware of them then become aware that you are the awareness of them if you were to ask me who am i

I would just be silent ask yourself and your mind who am i and go directly into the experience of being pure awareness there is no mental answer for the question You are doing great become aware with no need for change and no need for judgments just be be here for it is the only moment we will ever truly have I never understood why they kept this truth away from humans this should be taught in schools suffering would no longer exist because people would understand that emotions are just sensations and that we are not our thoughts we can’t be them if we can observe them remember we wouldn’t be running away from our

Feelings instead we would be giving them attention and knowing that these sensations come and go thoughts come and go if it can change or come and go how could you possibly be it who you truly are never changes and can never go anywhere because we are just consciousness awareness the awareness behind everything

Now i will leave you to practice this for a couple minutes the goal is to not react to anything and simply just be aware like as if you were watching a movie play out don’t judge don’t try to change anything just be present with whatever is here Now let’s take a deep breath if you kept getting caught up in thoughts it’s okay at least you are aware of that behavior some people go their whole life without realizing that issue the first step to change is awareness now you may be wondering how will this

Help me in life what will this do for me well if you suffer from anxiety or depression or anything really you now have the ability to step back and become the watcher those issues play out you are changing your reactions to these conditions anxiety can produce fear and worrying

About the future when you can take that step back you’ll be able to notice what happens in the body or that condition is active and you’re not trying to change it or stop it you are looking at it play up with no reaction eventually it will go away and you will

Begin to notice how that doesn’t help you out in any way you’ll start to see how meaningless and useless those thoughts are It’s a practice it won’t be a overnight thing but trust that this can help you and it will i will let you have 10 minutes of complete silence if you want to practice more thank you all for the support subscribe for me and if you have any questions please

Leave a comment i will be glad to answer them the best way i can So So You

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