When You Get Close To Thoughts. MAGIC Happens ( The End Of Mind Identification )

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Full Transcription:
What appears to be the most difficult identity to let go of is the identification we have with thoughts I mean some thoughts can be so sneaky and sticky that most of the time we don’t even realize we are identified with it we can sometimes fall completely into

The dream of the conceptual mind most people actually live here all the time simply because they aren’t aware that there is this other side that’s more real than the conceptual world but why is the mind so difficult to disidentify from I know for me there would be times where I could clearly see

That I wasn’t my thoughts but somehow they still had this pull on my attention and there was also a tremendous amount of belief and thought literally anything the mind could come up with I automatically believed it they didn’t matter the thought was about me or someone else I was convinced it was

The truth I was completely identified with thought and it was causing so much pain and suffering now most of us hear about the teachings of observing the mind and being the awareness of thought and I do recommend that it can really help you realize that you aren’t your thoughts it can help you

See that thoughts are very spontaneous and they rise on their own without the idea of a someone thinking them but you actually can get to the point to where you no longer identify with the mind that the mind can still be very active and that can be really annoying

As if it just won’t stop bringing thoughts up and when you really dig deep into why this may be happening it’s usually caused by a belief that either thoughts are bad or that they shouldn’t be here there is some sort of resistance to thought that you may not be aware of so

If you are having this problem there is a way to begin to diminish this even if you are still mind identified this may actually be more beneficial for you to try rather than trying to become the Observer so here’s what I want you all to try instead of trying to create distance

From thought get as close as possible to it instead of running away from it run straight into it I heard a great teacher by the name of Angelo Give A Perfect Analogy of this so let’s say you are watching a movie when you are at a distance of the screen

You believe the characters on the screen are real the shapes and colors are what they appear to be you believe everything that’s appearing to happen is actually happening but what if you put your face very close to the screen that the movie is playing on you began to realize that what’s

Appearing to happen on the screen isn’t actually what’s happening you start to see what this screen is actually made of you begin to investigate the screen and what it’s made of you begin to see all the little lines and squares on the screen then if you look closer and

Closer we’ll realize what’s appearing to happen on the screen isn’t actually happening at all it’s not real when you see what it really is it only appears real when you back up and observe it from a distance basically what I’m trying to point to is that when you are a distance of

Thought it’s almost as if it’s a lot more believable and feels more like reality being The Observer of thought is great in the beginning stages of Awakening but that does create a duality ultimately you want to realize that everything is you and everything is one

I know you hear you are not your thought and you are not your body and you aren’t but at the same time everything is you because everything is made out of you and don’t get confused about that you can only realize exactly what I mean once you experience it

But if you get close to thought if you began to be curious of what it’s made of air not focused on the content of it you’ll realize it’s not real and if you’re asking how do you get close to thought it’s very simple you can actually turn this into a meditation

Practice it will be very transformational so what you want to do is first basically invite thoughts to rise all of those thoughts you are running away from invite them allow them to rise now what you want to be is be very alert catch every single thought that rises

And don’t force this even though the language I am using is saying this is a practice this practice isn’t a doing so don’t strain yourself relax and just notice it all even the thoughts that are asking if you are doing this right the thoughts that are confused don’t let a thought slip by

But instead of focusing on why these thoughts are here and instead of wondering when they will go away ask yourself what are these thoughts made of And look for it and experience don’t answer this with another thought and don’t listen to the thought that says I don’t know yes the mind doesn’t know and it can’t know but you do and what should happen is you shouldn’t come up with an answer when you realize

It realize how you can’t talk about what it’s made of you may be left with silence there isn’t any language you can attach to it I can say it’s made up of Consciousness but what is consciousness it’s made out of you doing this practice will constantly help you realize the

Truth of thought and its nature you’ll realize no thought actually has any reality to it no thought really means anything at all it’s just a thought you’ll clearly be able to tell the difference from what the conceptual illusion world is compared to what’s actually real most importantly when you master this

Skill thought will never be an issue again truly over time this will help get rid of those limiting belief that are hiding and of course the identification with thought will fall away there isn’t actually anything wrong with thoughts the only issue that you have a belief that there is a thinker and may

Also believe there is someone here being affected by thoughts but what you truly or cannot be touched by thought at all what’s happening is thought is fighting with thoughtan because your sense of self is unfortunately in thought it feels like you fighting against thought what you or cannot be hurt

It cannot get caught up in thoughts it has no issue with thoughts you may also notice sometimes there will be no thoughts at all while doing this practice and that’s perfectly normal when this happens just see how long you can stay here and while you’re in no thought notice

That this is way more real than the conceptual dream reality isn’t what you think it is literally

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