When It Rains It Pours

You’ve heard the phrase “into each life some rain must fall,” and “when it rains it pours,” but we have always used them with negative implications. Why is that? Rain brings life. It waters the plants and trees which it turn grow and provide us with oxygen and food for sustenance. Of course there are extremes that cause damage to life and property, but this is the cycle of nature in order to progress and evolve.

We also know that AFTER the storms, comes peace and tranquility. Sunshine and pleasant conditions. This is how everything in the universe operates, including us. There are always ups and downs … like a roller coaster. Frequency waves, ocean waves, radio waves, all is energy and all is in flux. Changing and evolving. Day and night, hot and cold, good and bad. But there are no markers along the path of polarity. There isn’t a place where good changes to bad and vise versa. They are equal polarities of one principle.

So it is with our emotions, our health, our spirituality, our mental state. Up and down, rain and sun. We have to find that place of balance between the sunshine and the storms. That place where it’s just lightly drizzling. We can handle the drizzle much better than extreme storms and extreme sunshine. The Rain Forest is a prime example of the perfect balance of nature. My wife and I visited Portland, Oregon years ago and it drizzled every day. Sometimes the sun would be shining with a light misty shower. Much easier and comfortable than blazing heat at the beach and freezing cold in the Poles. Same thing with wet and dry. We need both.

In the Bible story of the Apostles being on a boat with Jesus asleep down below … the storms are raging. The winds are extreme. The Apostles go down below inside the boat to wake up Jesus so that he can calm the storms outside. In the Inner Mysteries of scripture, the boats, and arks, and ships are us … our vessels. This is a myth with a deeper message. During the times in our lives that the storms and tempests are raging, we are supposed to go within … inside our boat … inside ourselves and awaken the Christ. When we awaken the Christ consciousness within, we get guidance as to how to handle the storms and find a place of safety. The “eye of the storm” is always calm. We are to learn to stay in the eye calm and protected while the storms are raging around us wreaking havoc. This is the deeper meaning.

So when the rain begins to fall in your life, when the light of the Sun of God/Source Energy hides behind the clouds, awaken the Christ within. Ask for Divine guidance and KNOW that better weather is coming. It must. It is Universal Law. When times are good, and the weather is wonderful, don’t waste these good times worrying about the next storm. Don’t spend the chill going UP the roller coaster, being scared about the thrill coming down the next drop.

Your mind is a garden. You must plant the right seeds, remove the weeds, and water and care for your thoughts. The thoughts will bring forth a harvest. Mind your mind … watch your garden and care for what you are growing. You also need to water your seeds. Here is the rain of life. We need rain to grow our crops. Thoughts are energy and they will manifest into form. Keep an umbrella handy, and your sunshades. You’re gonna get both, no matter what. Make the best of the rain/pain, and the sun/fun.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

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