What Is Aware Of My Experience? End Your Suffering With This Realization

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Full Transcription:
Nobody really knows anything we don’t know if this is real or not it could all just be happening in our brains that one thing we do know for sure and one thing we cannot deny is that we are aware regardless if this reality is fake or not we are still aware of something

And with that being said why don’t we pay more attention to what exactly is aware we are all so caught up in what we are experiencing we fall into the anxiety the fear the thoughts of the past and future and it causes us to suffer but why is nobody interested in

What exactly is aware of our experiences if I were to ask you well who is aware of all of this you would probably say me as in the human manifestation of you but it can’t be the human to cause something is aware of that also when we are caught up in these

Experiences they now have the power to control us and make us suffer for example when you are overthinking you are so caught up in what your thoughts are saying you start to begin to believe those thoughts and you began to feel the emotions from those fake scenarios your

Brain creates you do this so much that it begins to feel like it’s actually happening and now you’re in your head suffering from something fake but why aren’t we interested in what exactly is watching this experience happen ask yourself right now am I aware well of course you are what if instead

Of being interested in what’s going on you decide to be interested in what’s aware notice how you can never not be aware from the worst times to the good times this awareness has always been there behind your anxiety there is this awareness behind yourself sabotaging there is this awareness if there wasn’t

It wouldn’t exist and this awareness is you you are awareness I am awareness I am See this to be true for yourself right now no matter what’s going on outside of you or inside of you there is always something aware of it you may not notice it most of the time but it’s always there you have always been here to actually experience this just for a

Second close your eyes and become aware of something it could be a sound a sensation Now forget about what you were aware of and become aware of your awareness to come aware that you are aware you may open your eyes now don’t separate the awareness from the awareness you were observing they are the same notice how awareness cannot be observed

Like how you can observe a thought or a emotion those are all objects created within awareness you can only be yourself you can’t observe awareness it may feel like you can but if you are observing awareness aren’t you that awareness this realization of who you truly are is

The end of all suffering it should be your main focus in life think about it if you are suffering from depression notice how the one aware isn’t depressed it’s the one aware of it notice how depression is created within awareness awareness isn’t created from depression and you can’t say well that

Won’t change the way I feel well why wouldn’t it if you are not what you are observing you cannot suffer you can be aware of what you may call suffering but it’s not you if you don’t focus on what you are experiencing and you focus on the witness of the experience over time

Those experiences will no longer be able to control you and soon you will realize that you don’t need to chase any feeling of happiness because happiness isn’t a feeling it’s who you are already you are already love you are already peace and that’s who you have always been you are

Already abundant you are already confident you are everything and all it takes for you to see this is to become interested in the experience of becoming aware of awareness to coming aware of I this eye is awareness we use I more than any other word and most of us don’t even

Know what it really is and there is only one eye for example if dogs were able to speak and I asked what name do you give yourself when you began to talk about yourself it wouldn’t be the name others call them it would be I this I is US my awareness is your

Awareness awareness has no form you can’t find awareness anywhere but it’s always here isn’t that interesting so why not be curious of it the more you return back to yourself the more and more you will begin to see the true nature of Who You Are and then something really special and

Amazing will happen this Consciousness awareness will begin to shine through you in the beginning it will just be within but then it will reflect on the outside as love and peace no more suffering from any experience you will be emotional and mentally strong the self-love and confidence you

Dream of having will come from a deeper place it won’t be for needing things on the outside to give you confidence and validation it will all come from within it will all come with the knowing of I so challenge yourself if you’re tired of suffering this is your chance to free

Yourself from it remember this awareness is always there you don’t need to search for it anywhere just remind yourself throughout the day that you are aware I am here behind all experiences including The Human Experience I am here I’d recommend doing self-inquiry meditations for more insight on this

Topic thank you so much for watching

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