Many would say that a Prophet would be one who foretells the future. One with the ability to see beyond now, and into the things yet to come. But let’s look at the etymology of the word, and you will have a better understanding of what a Prophet truly is.

The word itself comes from the Greek “prophetes.” Meaning “an interpreter of the Divine will.” A spokesperson, especially of the gods. An inspired preacher or teacher. One who was considered to issue a prophetic word … one that would be so profound … that it could have only come from the Mind of God.

The word Angel comes from the Greek “Aggelos” meaning messenger. One who conveys a message or news from God to man. A Messenger can come is many forms. The man at the convenient store, the lady at the bus stop, the homeless person asking for assistance. One who delivers a message FOR you at the right time that you need to hear it.

We must understand an important element of Truth when looking at both of these principles. The Ancients knew it, and science has proven it … there is only NOW. This present moment. And just as a movie (motion picture) seems to flow seamlessly and fluidly, it is in truth, a series of still images at a speed that plays upon the Mind as if it were continuous movement.

Our Mind can only capture the world frame by frame. Each frame being a NOW. Then progressing to yet another NOW and so on. There is no future waiting for us. We must and do create it … ALL of it. It is not pre-planned, or pre-destined … it is unfolding with each and every collective thought of the entirety of humanity.

There is no way to predict, or prophesy the future, because we create it every nanosecond. Unless a seed is planted in our Mind as to what we believe the future may bring, and then we in turn manifest it in form based on our thoughts, there is no way to present any event in a future setting as a so called “prophecy.”

Now, we must eliminate patterns and repeating experiences from this equation. Obviously, if someone does not take care of their health, for example, then we may predict that later in Life they may have serious problems with illness. But this is not prophecy. This is cause and effect based on repetitive circumstances, habits, and bad choices.

Biblical prophesy in the days of ancient scripture was based on a person issuing a word or statement that was far beyond their normal capacity, and beyond their level of intelligence, and surely must’ve come directly from the mouth of God. This was their understanding. They were not sitting in a tent with a crystal ball looking into the future and forecasting events and circumstances, because it is an impossibility since the future does not exist until we bring it into form … collectively as humanity.

Change the way you think, and you change what will manifest. It was Einstein who once said the definition of insanity was to do the same things over and over again and expect different results. WE are co-creators of the future. The entire future … collectively as ONE. What mankind thinks, manifests, and acts upon; brings about the reality of what will manifest in form … for everyone and every thing.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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