We Don’t Know Anything! ( A Life Changing Realization )

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Full Transcription:
I think it’s amazing how some of us genuinely believe we know what this is and when I say this him referring to what we call life we don’t know what this is and in this video I will explain why we don’t really need to know and how being in that state

Of not knowing is very Blissful and peaceful I want you all to do this quick practice with the body for a second so that I can ease you into this Blissful realization for a second look at what we call the hand now what’s funny to me is that we are so sure that what we are looking at

Is a hand but the name hand is simply a label we don’t actually know what it is without identifying it with the label hand we came up with language and then a way to point to it so that we can communicate but all that is conceptual we conceptualize everything try simply

Experiencing it as if you were just born this very second if I asked you what is that without a label it would be impossible to give me any answer and that’s because we don’t know what it really is and this applies to literally everything the world that most of us

Perceive and experience ninety percent of the time is the one made up of ideas and labels it’s just a load of filters over reality humans are the ones who began giving names labels and meanings to things they weren’t here in the beginning I mean really think about it when we are

Babies we don’t experience reality through these labels when a baby sees a TV it doesn’t go oh that’s a TV no the baby has learned to label it that yet it’s just deeply present in pure experience it’s experiencing what is if you were to hold a baby up to a

Mirror it doesn’t go oh that’s my body that’s me the baby has learned to identify with the body or anything yet nor does he or she know what a body even is When it comes to realizing our true nature this state of not knowing will be very powerful to experience this is why they say ignorance is bliss because it really is when you think you know something that’s ego because you actually don’t know anything we just act like we do

Now are these labels useful well of course I am not saying they aren’t but to believe they are the truth is not right labels are mind made they aren’t real it’s just another filter over reality for example when you think hand you don’t see that label anywhere there’s no

Such thing as a hand your attention or mind is simply just directed to what you attached to that label I mean whatever is it has many different labels in different languages it’s just a label I could call hand shoes I can teach a baby that hands or

Call choose and its attention will go to the same place yours goes when you hear a hand I want you to try this simply notice any sensation in what we call the body maybe you have what we call anxiety in the chest or fear now because we have added so many

Filters over whatever that feeling is we believe we know what it is We gave it a name and it even comes with thousands of stories attached to it but what happens when you completely let go of what you think you know about it If you can and you can reach this state of not knowing you actually may fall into a very familiar sense of curiosity a very childlike curiosity it says if you’re curious of what you are experiencing but at the same time you’re not asking what it is you’re more

Interested in the experience of it than the conceptual knowing of it you may also notice you’re no longer identifying with it this can be very powerful and can relieve so much of your resistance to things you use to resist You resist because you think you know what it is or what’s happening you may perceive something as bad so you try to push it away but what if you didn’t know what good hand bad is because good and bad is also something we created it truly doesn’t exist so go

To that state of not knowing and then experience what you are labeling good or bad for me when I began seeing things for what they are and what I mean by that is when I began just experiencing it was as if I was seeing everything for the first time

Trees were no longer trees they just were the body was no longer the body etc etc there was just no conceptualizing anything You can see how everything also appears separate through labels without labels everything just as what it is everything is this one experience identity with the body and mind core also Fall Away here actually identity as a whole completely Falls away here because you can’t find something to

Identify with if you have no idea of what anything is And what you truly are has no identity we call his Consciousness or awareness but what is consciousness that’s also just a label words are simply pointers not the truth this is why don’t encourage anyone to believe any spiritual teacher because beliefs aren’t necessary prove it to be true for yourself

Because you will never find what you are seeking for through the mind because it’s already here right now the Mind likes to continue to make you search for something in the future it believes you will achieve something like Enlightenment in the future but there is no future

It’s here no belief no concept no practice will get you closer or father away from what’s always been here so try this not knowing out and let me know what happens take some time out of the day to sit and know nothing become completely empty and if the mind is

Asking how do I do that blah blah blah while you also don’t know what language is so allow the mind to flow one more tip for you ever struggling with this letting go of what you think thinking and caring about things actually takes a lot of energy so just

Stop trying to do something stop trying to make this big decision of what should I do just be and it’s not that you’re not going to care anymore you just won’t mind anymore you won’t mind

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