All of us tend to form our beliefs based on what people tell us, and what we have experienced.

They offer their “opinion” and we think on it.

Our thoughts, then lead us to a decision.

To “decide” means to “cut-off.” Decision is rooted in the Old French word “decidere,” meaning: “to decide, determine,” literally meaning “to cut off.”

Like a roll of tape, we choose the amount that we desire to use, then we cut it off. But remember, the rest of the spool remains on the roll. There remains a lot of tape we haven’t taken yet.

When we choose to arrive at a conclusion, we cut off that which we desire, but we don’t have the whole spool. Just a piece of it. The rest of the story/data is left on the roll.

Then, our decision (the piece we cut-off), will lead to our belief.

We form our beliefs based on what we have decided, whether or not it is the whole story.

And what we decided to believe, may be Truth or it may be lies.

As a man thinks, he decides what he believes, and if it is Truth – there is no harm. If what a man has decided to believe is a lie, it is as if he drank poison, and there will be consequences. For the Spirit knows Truth from lies. The longer we hold the lies in our belief system, the more they will manifest into form/matter. This becomes the root of much illness and disease in our lives. The lies we believe must be “cast-out.”

When the light shines, the darkness dissipates.

Use the Light within you to shine on the source of the lies, and they too will dissipate.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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