Too Much Knowledge Can Be Dangerous ( This Maybe Holding You Back )

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Full Transcription:
Have you ever heard the saying too much of a good thing can be a bad thing well this definitely can apply to knowledge as well definitely spiritual knowledge there was a point in time where all I did was consume knowledge book after book video after video

I was so driven to discover what I truly was and have gotten Peaks into it over time so I knew it was truth I was trying too hard to find that one piece of information that could get me back to that feeling but here’s the thing about consuming so

Much of this knowledge when you are constantly seeking the mind will begin creating what this Awakening is supposed to look like or feel like it creates this false impression of Awakening and this can hold you back from actually realizing what you seek for and it’s funny because a lot of us will

Hear something so insightful and think oh I got it now this is what I have been looking for but then we continue seeking what you are seeking for cannot be found through understanding does the understanding help yes it can but the understanding of it isn’t it there is an

Undeniable experience of this truth that can only be experienced it’s actually even Beyond experience because experience exists within it there was a point where I had all the knowledge of this but my experience was not matching what I knew and it’s because I thought I wasn’t already what I was looking for

I consume so much knowledge that my mind refused to believe that this was it my mind made it appear as if I’m working towards something as if I’m going to find it in the future but it’s here it’s here because it’s already what you are it’s called self-realization it’s a realization of

Yourself what you truly are so you have to realize regardless of how the body feels or what thoughts are here right now this is already what you are in this moment it’s not like you are becoming this Consciousness that’s why it’s hard to find because the one

Seeking is what you are looking for I like to say it’s as if you have glasses on your face and you are looking for your glasses so what do you do I recommend instead of watching these videos and reading these books to try to gain something from them like knowledge

Listen to them in presence don’t believe anything you are hearing and allow these words to point you to something in your direct experience See if you can realize the experience that these words are pointing to you don’t need to understand any of this because it’s not a mental thing ego believes it will wake up the character that you believe yourself to be believes it will wake up but it can’t because it doesn’t actually exist there

Is nobody here to awaken the only thing here is God Consciousness awareness it will be God realizing it’s God not a character realizing it’s God but even saying that could throw you off because God isn’t your identity you have no identity God is just the label

The nature of what you are is ultimately nothing you can’t see it you can’t imagine it you can’t create it you can’t locate it but you can be it because you already are it it’s nothing but this nothing is also everything and when the Mind hears this

It may try to understand what that means it may try to picture what that is but it can’t know the mind doesn’t know you but you know the mind what you are has no form but it can take form look around you are everywhere what you are looking for is this stop

Searching for a specific feeling whatever your experience is this is it this is God you are the only thing here there truly is no Journey there truly is no path because there is nowhere to go it’s here if you can accept that what you are looking for is already here

That sense of lack can begin Falling Away seeking will begin Falling Away just be careful and aware of how many times you may run to the mind to try to find the truth because it’s not there the mind can point you but don’t believe in anything the mind says

Even when it says I am not the body don’t believe it see if you can realize it through experience have no beliefs at all don’t believe you are the body and don’t believe you aren’t drop all beliefs Self-realization kind of works backwards because we gain all this knowledge to come to self-realization but it’s actually the release of everything we know that will help you realize what you truly are search yourself through a state of ignorance know nothing the nothing just be foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign

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