Time Travel And Visit Your Inner Child | Trauma Healing Guided Meditation

Videos by @YourHigherSelf_ – These vids have been fresh water to my thirst. Listen and enjoy.

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Full Transcription:
Hello and welcome to this inner child meditation please find a comfortable and quiet place to relax and focus you may lay down or sit up whatever is most comfortable for you please take a couple deep breaths and really feel the air coming in and out smile a little bit while doing this I am so excited for you to heal today I promise to you guide you into a wonderful and very healing meditation so let’s begin person you are today is the person you needed when you were younger the things you know now would have been so life-changing if you knew them back then

The way you know how to love your younger self has always wanted to feel genuine love that unconditional love and safety but it’s okay because today you will have the chance to revisit your younger self and you will get to tell them everything you will have the chance to

Give them that love and safety So now imagine you are inside of a empty movie theater it’s just you it’s safe here you can feel the temperature of the theater you can feel the seats of the theater You also have a tablet sitting on the seat next to you please pick it up when you turn it on your name appears on the tablet you can feel the bright white light of the tablet on your face and turning it on Now that it’s unlocked there is an app called childhood it’s at the top right of the screen please open it up it’s okay And on this app it has all the information from your childhood it has a folder of all the friends you have ever have there is a folder for the good memories the bad ones and even the really traumatic ones I need you to open up one of those

Negative folders please click on it now it’s safe and you are doing great as you can see there are many videos in this album maybe even some pictures if a video hasn’t already caught your eye think back to a difficult time in your life the video will make its way up

To the top of this album for you to see it now please click on this video the memory is now being projected onto the movie screen in front of you know that you are safe and that you are getting the opportunity to heal yourself from this moment

As the memory begins to play you see your younger self from a third person angle look at how your hair was you looked pretty different you can see the environment you were in vividly and you can also feel that strong loving connection between you and yourself because you love your inner child so

Much now I’ll give you time to watch this memory play out try to bring those same emotions up from this very moment it’s okay I promise Foreign the strongest sensation in your body take a deep breath and relax again please look back at your tablet now and notice there is now golden button on the screen that says travel once you click this button will now be physically with your younger self inside

Of this memory but it’s just you too time has completely stopped just so you two can spend this time together please press it now foreign look around your younger self is smiling from ear to ear they already know exactly who you are they run up to you so fast and you give

Them the most loving and caring hug you ever gave and felt you can really feel this hug it’s okay to smile right now please Embrace this moment I’ll give you some time to hold on to yourself feel the love while you’re hugging tell them how much you love them tell them everything is

Okay As you two let go of each other you notice that your younger self is looking at you confused they understand how much you love them but they can feel that you don’t love yourself that much they are confused on why you are so hard on yourself

Because they are looking at you and they are so proud of who they became they aren’t worried about what your life is like on the outside they can feel who you truly are on the inside behind all the things you struggle with a bright light energy appears on the

Left side of both of you and it looks like there is a door inside of it please take the hand of your younger self and walk over and enter this door and on the other side of this door is in room with a table in the middle and

Three chairs please walk to the table and sit down with your younger self go ahead and have a nice conversation with them share the knowledge you have now with them they will have a message for you also after foreign [Laughter] they want you to know that they have never left you you left them they have always been here with you because they are you you just haven’t taken the time to look within to see that and that’s okay because now you have you knew you would come back eventually

There is someone at the door for you please go open the door As you open it you start to feel that same loving energy you felt when you first seen your inner child it’s you again but it’s you from the future as they walk in your face just lights up you look over at your younger self and their jaw is dropped

You see that you are everything you have ever wanted to be this version of you has your dream job it has the money the looks the clothes but most importantly they have the inner strength and self-love that was gained from both you and your younger self they have the mindset you strive for

They have the confidence and they also understood that they have both of you You to now go and join your inner child at the table All three of you are just looking at each of their smiling and laughing you can feel the energy of love surrounding you three Your future self has a message for you a very powerful one they’re telling you how all the pain will be worth it all of it how you will overcome everything how everything happens for a reason and for you to trust yourself more that’s the only way you will turn into

That future version of yourself Everything really will be okay you see your future self has been waiting for this very moment they have been waiting for you to come across to meditation so that you can experience this very moment there are no coincidences in life you were guided here today for a reason and

Your future self confirms this both your inner child and future self want you to know that they will always be with you they can’t leave even if they want it to but it’s just up to you to give them the attention from time to time remember

They are you you all cannot be separated and you can close your eyes whenever you want if you want to talk to them As you all stand up now from the table you come in for a big group hug the love you are feeling right now is unexplainable just say thank you as they also thank you for visiting you may now walk back out of the door into the memory

And click your heels three times don’t actually do that I’m just playing around but close your eyes with your eyes closed and return back to that seat in the theater look at the tablet and go to the good memories folder you will see that very experience your head is now being uploaded there

You may turn the tablet off and start wiggling your fingers and toes in this physical reality open your eyes take a deep breath and say the words thank you

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