This Video Was Made Tripping On Shrooms & This is Everything I Realized! ( LIFE CHANGING )

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Full Transcription:
Hello everyone as promised I am making this video while currently on shrooms it’s actually pretty distracting to be on my phone while I’m tripping I can literally feel the energy of my phone pulling on my attention I can sense myself as energy instead of this sense of being a physical body

That’s the best way that I can explain how it feels I mean I feel this way when I’m not on shrooms but that sense is very very strong right now this video may be all over the place as I tried to explain what I am experiencing and realizing so stick with me

While we are on the topic of energy why not begin there everything is energy everything is Just Energy vibrating and I’m seeing this not on a mental level it’s the only words I can use to describe my experience and it’s all just coming from nothingness the sounds are coming out of nowhere

These Sensations are just in the middle of nowhere I literally cannot locate where I am because his Consciousness we have no Center we are all Just Energy dancing in the middle of nowhere if you really dig deep into this you will realize nothing is actually happening but the power and intelligence of the

Brain and mind is able to create and paint this beautiful picture of what we call reality but this is all just a projection of the mind it’s not what’s actually happening what we see isn’t even close to what it really is I don’t think our eyes are capable of actually seeing through that

Guys the feeling of what we call the body it doesn’t make sense to me anymore my identity has already been moved away from the body and mind but the feeling of being more than the body has just been Amplified I know it may feel we have a solid body

And a center because it feels so personal and right in our faces but take a step back and see things on a bigger scale all this physical body is energy vibrating in the middle of nowhere if you close your eyes and just pay attention to your current experience

Your body doesn’t exist you’re just experiencing Sensations drop the memories and pictures of the body when you do this you can feel the wholeness of what you are just like a newborn they don’t know they have a body nor do they identify as the body drop everything you know and

Experience what’s present it’s everything wow when I open my eyes it’s clear to notice that they’re just a human body and mind in my experience like the body exists within me it’s not the other way around and I’m saying me as in pure Consciousness or like the space I feel

Like I am the space and everything exists Within Me I’m also experiencing this ball of energy above my head in my crown chakra right now it’s very strong and it feels like it just wants to pop and open up I’ve learned the key I’ll on these trips

Is to just let the shrooms do what they have to do they aren’t here to hurt you they want to heal you they want you to feel the unconditional love that you already are they will take care of you if you just allow them to that’s something you can

Take with you for your day-to-day life what you truly are actually wants to heal you it’s this false self and the mind’s illusions that causes all the resisting the ego mind can be such a burden if your identification still present with it it wants to control and judge and

Predict every situation it just sucks the life out of life why are we thinking about life why were we taught to think about life realize that thinking about life isn’t life itself it’s just the thoughts about it and one hundred percent of the time your thoughts are creating a false narrative

About what reality is that is causing you to suffer anyways you can’t depend on the mind or believe in it don’t believe in the good things or bad things it has to say none of it is relevant when it comes to what’s real find the courage in you to let go of the

Conceptual mind and just trust in what you truly are to take care of life because it is life and you are life and you are always safe here I’ve been through so much in my past and most of the suffering was created by me

Or should I say by the mind I used to ask why but now it’s very clear to see that the only reason I am here today sharing these messages and videos with you all is because my suffering pushed me to get to this point suffering is necessary as much as it

Hurts right now I promise you that it’s worth it there is a light so bright at the end of it all it’s a blessing in disguise it’s the only reason why you want to love yourself more is the reason why you want to grow and figure out what

You truly are it’s hard for me to see suffering as something bad now even while going through it I knew it was necessary you are the key you hold all the power and it has nothing to do with the things you own it has nothing to do with how

Much money you have it has nothing to do with how many friends you have it’s so much deeper than that all of those things agree I’m not saying that they aren’t but discovering what you truly are before those things are added sets of very very powerful

Foundation for you to stand alone if you needed to so I know you’re waiting for all the trippy stuff I am experiencing so I’ll talk about that also it’s difficult to think right now everything is just happening when I think the voice in my head melts away I can’t understand what it’s saying

Anymore it sounds like gibberish it’s not scary it’s hilarious like I understand the first couple of words but then it just turns into soup I can see things that cannot be seen while I’m not tripping and I know these things actually exist and it’s not an hallucination because it feels more real

Than real life it’s weird and difficult to explain I see this grid there are things spinning in slow motion in the corner of my eye it’s these cool color changing shapes and they give off this peaceful energy my walls are moving and melting the sheets on my bed are moving like ocean

Waves and when I really lock in and become still like I no longer understand language it’s like him tapping into something and while my TV is on I can’t understand what they are saying at all it’s trippy this trip wasn’t like any of my other

Ones I did only take to grams this was more like a trip that provided downloads of information maybe because I’ve chosen this route to teach the teaching of Consciousness I guess it’s giving me more material to talk about it was very difficult to create this video it took me about for hours because

I couldn’t be on my phone for no longer than like five minutes I want to end this off by saying that Awakening is not changing who you are it’s more about realizing what you have always been I genuinely appreciate all the support recently I have many more videos on the

Way feel free to leave some suggestions for videos if you would like I love you all and thank you for watching next time I will do for grams

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