Theres No Such Thing As Distance ( Awakening The Visual Field )

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Full Transcription:
Now before this video begins I would like to say that this may appear difficult for some of you to realize this this is usually farther down the road from Awakening but don’t allow dot to take over it’s possible for every single person watching this video because what I’m about to point to

Is what we are already experiencing you’re just not aware of it I’m going to try my best to put this into words that will Point directly to the experience so for a second I’m going to ask you to close your eyes for a couple seconds so please unless you are driving close

Your eyes now imagine someone just came a place day via headset on your head so when you open them don’t expect anything in your environment to change just act as if there is some weightless V or headset on that’s projecting this reality okay open now look around everything’s the same right find an

Object doesn’t matter what it is you can confirm that this object is over there and you are over here right well that’s a lie if you happen to be outside or near a window look outside and spot what appears to be the farthest object away from you

It appears as if it’s over there and you are over here but that’s a lie now how is that a lie well let’s say you just took off that VR headset you would notice that you were looking at a flat screen and everything you were perceiving wasn’t actually the distance

It may appear to be at everything was actually on like a two-dimensional screen there is no such thing as distance there is no over here and over there because separation is an illusion just focus on the visual feel to itself yes things appear to be here and there

But everything is actually right in front of you or should I say everything is you and nothing is actually anywhere it’s paradoxical the mind can’t comprehend it this reality is truly to dimensional in a way how give another example let’s say you are watching a movie in

The movie you can see behind the actors you can perceive the distance from the building to that building but notice that’s all happening and appearing on a two-dimensional screen there truly isn’t any depth there is no behind or in front we’re just able to perceive it that way

And it’s good that we can because it allows us to navigate and survive when you begin to awaken to the visual field it can almost appear as if like you are looking through reality I heard a teacher say it’s like you can look through it but there’s nothing on the other side

I know this may sound crazy but I promise it’s true you can experience what I’m pointing to and it will be undeniable once again though this Can’t Be Imagined or created this is already here we are already experiencing this just become aware of it to go even deeper into this topic once

You play around with your awareness on the visual field you’ll soon realize that if nothing is actually separate then that must mean I am all of this and that’s 100 percent true you are not a part of any environment you are the environment when you awaken the visual feel this becomes undeniable

You can only experience this it’s kind of difficult to verbalize it but I hope some can experience what I am pointing to this Awakening to the visual feel will bring this sense of intimacy you no longer feel separated from anything including the people you perceive and the environment you are in

You literally realize all of this is you a switch in identity from being this person in the center of Life having experiences and doing things and suffering to this open boundlessness awareness of what we call Consciousness which everything is actually made out of it’s the only thing that’s actually here

You go from believing you are the person who has a life to realizing you are a life itself you are everything and there won’t be you who’s experiencing this the whole sense of are you doing something or the sense of something is happening to you completely drops away it’s all just experienced without

Resistance as what’s Just Happening you’ll no longer have that feeling of I’m right here and that tree is a mile away know that tree will also be experienced here in a very intimate way but then it gets paradoxical because you can’t actually locate yourself anywhere that

Sense of I am in this specific location won’t make any sense this is when you experience the boundless of what you truly are and that doesn’t have to come through the Awakening of the visual field it happens in different ways for everyone but if you can even get like three seconds of

What I’m pointing to you’ll know right away this is the way reality really is it’s a very natural and familiar feeling it’s not a memory it’s not something you remember through thought it’s a feeling it’s an experience and it feels so familiar because we all were in this non-dual experience as kids

We weren’t born identifying with the body and mind we weren’t born with this knowing of I’m here and my parents are over there we were naturally experiencing our natural state of being which has won US but then conditions and programming of the ego began taking place and slowly over time we began

Identifying with the ego also this whole spiritual process is not a learning process it’s definitely an unlearning one that’s basically what healing is it’s not that you are getting rid of things healing is realizing what you thought was making you suffer was a lion it was truly never there

Or I’ll say it was truly never what you thought it was you’re coming back to the truth when you heal and the biggest thing you’ll realize about healing is that there was never anything wrong with you you just believed there was with all this being said practice with

The visual feel if needed you can look into it on your own I’m pretty sure there are some amazing videos out there that may point to it in a better way for you that what I said is pretty accurate this reality is like on a two-dimensional

Screen and we are just able to perceive it on a 3D level foreign

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