There Isnt A “Someone Else” ( End Fear of Judgement, Rejection, People Pleasing, ) Oneness

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Full Transcription:
Feeling of Separation can be very uncomfortable things like fear create the illusion of Separation but what if you were actually everything what if you realize that what you were as everyone and everything well I have and so have many others and I hope every single one of you

Experience an awaken to realize that we are literally all one and this also means that there is no such thing as a somebody else your parents your friends your ex your enemies they’re all you and what I mean by this is they are all the same exact Consciousness It’s Tricky

For people to understand this because they continue to compare the human body and mind and the false self to what they really are when I say me and you are the same I’m not comparing our false selves I’m not comparing who you think you are

I’m saying what I am is exactly what you are it’s above the body mind you’re not even the body and mind Consciousness is the only thing here and Yea at first it can sound kind of lonely the fact that you are everyone and everything that thought of it seems kind of depressing

But that’s just the thought of it no concept or imagination of the mind can compare to actually experiencing it it isn’t a lonely feeling it’s expansive it’s full of unconditional love for everyone because you realize you are everyone you have to understand that one conscious being is stronger than one million unconscious beings

See the power in that I’ll try to explain what I felt when I awakened and realized that I am consciousness I began by becoming completely empty during a meditation I just let go of all effort and allowed everything to just be no resistance to the thoughts that arrived no resistance to The Sensation

That came and left I let go of the story of my life I let go of the character I thought myself to be no past no future just here and now as pure consciousness I wasn’t imagining what it would look or feel like to awaken I was just existing as nothing

As I continued to be in that state I felt this energy in the body run up the spine I knew it had to be Kundalini energy but I didn’t react to it I didn’t get excited I was just aware of what was going on in the body

Eventually it went into my head a very uncomfortable sensation but at this same time it felt right it felt like something was trying to break open once again I just allowed things to be and then boom I just opened my eyes and started laughing I couldn’t stop laughing it all

Just became so clear I had no identification with the body or mine I couldn’t locate where I exist because that’s when I realized that I am everything I went outside and the feeling is honestly unexplainable I couldn’t stop looking around I would see others and just say wow that’s just me using

Another vessel to experience myself I have no sense of Separation because I know what you are is exactly what I am it’s just that you haven’t realized it yet so why is the knowing of this important you may be asking well how the hell does this benefit me in any way

Well think about it when you realize that you are Consciousness and have always been and can never not be Consciousness think about how much resistance Falls away after knowing this let’s take the fear of being judged for example when you realize that you are Consciousness first you realize that the

Character you thought yourself to be was just a creation of the Mind and that it actually never existed in the first place so it doesn’t make sense anymore to take things personal because you realize that you are not a person and the person was a creation of the Mind the personality

That you are afraid people will judge doesn’t actually exist it’s all an act and it can change at any time you cannot be something that changes so if someone judges you they’re just talking about your character it’s another false self-talking about another false self it just has no power over you

Anymore because you see the truth when you take the seat of what you are you’ll realize that nothing can actually happen to you it isn’t possible nothing can happen to awareness and if something were to happen there would be an awareness of that also and once again there isn’t actually

Nobody here to judge anything these people just believe that they are the false self but the false self doesn’t exist it’s hilarious actually but dutiful at the same time this applies to the fear of rejection also you won’t be able to take things personally now the false self may appear

And try to create fear but you’ll see straight through the BS if somebody rejects you so what it’s the false self that believes it isn’t worthy or not enough but what you are is literally everything you are way more than enough people pleasing will fall away and that

Brings back so much of your energy and power it’s amazing there is nobody to please you don’t care anymore to be somebody for people or for the world you’re free you don’t limit yourself there is no certain way to be anymore if you want to

Express anger you will do so if you want to cry and experience sadness you’ll do so etc etc and then the need to be accepted drops also because once again you’re no longer identified with the story of the character you’ll catch yourself allowing things to be how they are the most

Negative situations can happen and you automatically seek the positives from it experience life as the dream it is it’s a dream guys it’s a big playing field for Consciousness to explore create and experience itself now I don’t want you to think you won’t have relationships anymore I’m not saying give up The Human

Experience I’m not saying to not create the character you choose to be for this experience the key is you you can do whatever you like and you’ll have no choice but to do it all from a place of love this journey is amazing and all I want

Is for everyone to experience what I experience because I don’t think it’s fair that so many of us are blinded from the truth and it’s not even our fault that’s the messed up part but to completely forget what you are because of what the world painted you

Out to be to suffer and wish not to be here anymore to actually choose to heal and take the journey to come back to your true nature that’s powerful and look back at the life you experienced and see how every person and situation was just Consciousness setting you up to one day

Realize your consciousness it was you all long thank you for watching

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