There Is Nothing To Do! And That’s The Best Thing About It.

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Full Transcription:
To mind has many many ways to bring you back to identifying with it and one of the strongest ways it grabs your attention is by believing there is something to do the moment an uncomfortable sensation arises in the body the Mind may go okay I need to do this about this sensation

So that it can go away or when thoughts rise it may say okay how do I get rid of these thoughts and this Loop and go on for years and years it’s always searching for what to do next in my experience it always felt like I

Was missing something as if I had to do something but I couldn’t find out what I had to do I was in a constant state of rushing in a way but I rushing towards nothing but identification began to fall away from the mind I slowly began to see how

It wasn’t me that needed this next moment it wasn’t me that wanted to get rid of thought or the one who thought thoughts were a nation I am not the one who believes I have to do something about every little thing that rises and it really is an amazing shift to go

From believing you are the Seeker to realizing that what I’ve been seeking for is already here and to realize that what I have been seeking for was me was what we all truly are as one this seeking energy is very very powerful and there’s truly nothing wrong

With it but the sooner you realize seeking itself is just another way for the ego to keep you trapped in it the sooner you’ll realize your true nature seeking is the reason we are all on this journey though but there does come a time where you have to realize there was

Never a journey because there is nowhere to go and there is nothing to do these practices that are made talk about aren’t things you do they’re all more of a letting go of effort a letting go of doing and just noticing just being For example when I speak about not focusing on the content of thought and focusing more on what those thoughts are made out of the experience of that practice isn’t something you’re necessarily doing even if it feels like an activity it’s more of a relaxed state of allowance and

Acceptance of what is and then the noticing of the nature of thought which is you Some may say Well it feels like I’m doing it well inquire that feeling where does this doer feeling appear to be then notice is that which is aware of the doer doing something or is it just always effortlessly aware and also there isn’t as someone in the body doing anything all that’s happening

Is an experience there isn’t any separate experiencer I wouldn’t stress myself out about how it feels if it feels like there is a doer just inquire and ask yourself questions to why you believe that feeling confirms there is a doer and once again there is nothing to do

About those feelings allowed to be there and just see through it here’s another example most people believe the face is where they exist they believe they exist somewhere behind the eyes and I to believe this at one point and I understand why we identify with the face when we go to the mirror

We look at the face and say that’s me when we get our IDs our identification cards it’s a picture of our face also the visual field makes it appear as if there is a me behind eyes looking out at the world plus that full and strong

Sensation in the face makes it appear as if this is where you are I at one point struggled with disidentifying with the face and it was only because I thought I had to do something about it I had this imagination of what the experience should feel like once the

Identification drop from the face but it was that belief of I need to do something I need to change something that helped me back from realizing that what I’m seeking for is already here regardless of how it feels I never had to do anything about that

Feeling of a me in the face I had to Simply see it for what it is as it is it’s just a pattern of Sensations and there is no me and those Sensations you don’t need to feel a certain way to notice the truth because this isn’t about feelings it’s about truth People will realize they heart the body when they are relaxed and comfortable but as soon as something uncomfortable arises they go running to spiritual videos the look for something to do about identification with the body the truth Remains the truth regardless even when you are deep in identifying

With things you are not it’s just an illusion Illusions appear real that they aren’t so what do you do well I could just say nothing but I know some will take that as so do I just sit still for the rest of my life no that’s not what I mean you

Are already not doing anything and you never have done anything and you never need to do anything about what arises look past the content of the experience and notice the nature of everything I call it Consciousness or God but the labels don’t matter notice what those

Labels are made out of what I am pointing you to is literally unspeakable there is nothing you can say about it notice it and realize this is all there really is And you don’t have to do anything about anything to see this there is nothing to fix there is nothing to get rid of or add on to you are already here and perfect as you are there is nothing to do what you seek for is the one looking you are already here

The only thing stopping you from realizing that are those thoughts notice that what you are seeking for is the one already effortlessly aware of those thoughts and those thoughts are made out of you There is no reality to them so stop believing in them it’s truly just mind identification that’s in your way once you realize it’s the mind that believes you need to do something about everything you’ll realize that you are already complete you’ll realize that you were always here

And there was never anything you could have done to get you closer or farther away from yourself nobody is closer or far away from what they already are also I don’t want you all to think that you can’t act on any desires you have just because I’m saying there is nothing

To do don’t forget that life is a game enjoy it Foreign

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