There Is Nobody Here…( NonDuality/Oneness )

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Full Transcription:
There is nobody here no body is actually here it’s a bizarre statement isn’t it because you can look around and see many many people you look in the mirror and you see a person you see your family and friends and see a person but nobody is actually here let me explain

If you aren’t familiar with non-duality and Oneness teachings this may be something very new to hear but just stick with me I will try my best to explain well first things first you need to see that you are not the body if I asked you where exactly do you

Exist in the body would you say in the brain behind the eyes in the chest or would you say I am the whole body well let’s inquire that notice how wherever you believe your Center to be appears as just a sensation as Just Energy the whole face is usually where people

Feel they are so notice how if you place your awareness on the face it’s just a sensation before you begin labeling it and identifying with it it’s simply Just Energy also the body changes and it can also lose things like limbs a nose a new year you would still have that

Sense of me even if those things were removed even the heart can be replaced kidneys can be taken out and you will still have that sense of me that sense of existence so therefore you cannot be the body you can search for years and you will never

Find a self inside of the body what you truly are cannot be changed it cannot die or be born so if there is no self here in the body that also means that there is no self in all the other bodies that you see these vessels are empty there is nobody

Actually here and that can sound pretty scary but this can just help you understand that we are literally all one because if we are not the body mind then what exactly are we well every one collectively is God Consciousness awareness to I am whatever you want to

Label it they are all pointing to the same thing you and I are not separate humans we’re just having a separate human experience as Consciousness I don’t even like using the word separation because that also doesn’t exist and it has never existed this information can be very liberating

For you once you truly understand and realize this for example this knowing will allow you to disidentify with the limitations you have placed on this false self such as I have anxiety or I am sad but the truth is anxiety is just happening in sadness is just happening

But it’s happening to no one there is no one here to claim anything there is no one here to hold on to anything that is simply just a story of the Mind now I’m not saying begin spiritual bypassing and suppress your emotions I’m not saying that at all don’t say well

Because I’m not here that means I don’t need to face my problems just know that there was never nobody here to even have problems these emotions and feelings are just happening they still will need your attention but this knowing will allow you to no longer live a life of resistance

So if the energy of fear Rises you can allow it to be there because you no longer identify with having it it’s just something that is happening you won’t attach yourself and believe in those stories of the mind but even if you do just know that it’s just

Happening and it’s happening to no one now I myself used to be confused about this and many of you may also experience confusion but confusion only happens because the mind cannot and will not be able to comprehend this or really understand it you as in the human does

Not exist so the human and ego mind cannot awaken to this knowing you can try but the mind will simply continue to make this more confusing it will try to imagine what this should feel or look like and doing so is What’s blocking you from realizing it you must see through

The illusion of the understander because there is nobody here to understand anything notice how there is this voice saying I want to understand this or I don’t understand this well of course you don’t because I’m not talking to a human I’m talking to Consciousness or should I say talking is Just Happening also

Listening is Just Happening honestly nothing is happening these words are also empty we just decided to give them meaning we are all simply just making noses and that’s hilarious to me I don’t want you to look at this as disconnecting from reality this is going in a direction into realizing Oneness

Into realizing how everything is connected in a map to realize your true nature it’s very difficult to explain the unexplainable because every single concept can feed the ego to go looking for what I am talking about but it’s very very simple it’s just this there is only one thing happening and it’s life

It’s God it’s you and nothing cannot be this the reason it can seem so difficult to realize that there is no self is because we have been identifying with this illusory of self since these bodies were manifested here you have attached to the stories of You Think You Are Everything

You Think You Are is simply just a story of the mind it’s not the truth think about how the world would be if we were taught that everything is consciousness and everything is God there would be no labels for pretty much anything we would evolve at a very rapid pace and

Discover the potential of this species of humans we wouldn’t even label ourselves as humans I believe ancient civilizations were very aware of this knowing and this is why they were way more advanced than us I mean really we still have no idea how the pyramids were created maybe they developed the ability

To contact extraterrestrial beings to help who knows but I’m certain that this knowledge was very known before religion was created this was all there was I never want people to believe anything I say I want you to see this to be true so that you know this

With belief there is doubt knowing is truth now there is no need to try to dissolve the false self there is no practice to get rid of the false self because it has never been there that’s like trying to get rid of a dog in your house but you never had a dog

Or a house to experience this knowing on a day-to-day experience you must first believe this to be true you can also just constantly self-inquire your current beliefs ask yourself constantly where do I exist in the body and then go look for it you will repeatedly see over and over again that

You can’t find a self you have no Center you are boundless and Limitless so like I said there is no need to believe me simply see this to be true for yourself that’s the only way you can realize this thank you for happening

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