There Is Nobody Here ( Non-Duality, Ego )

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Full Transcription:
There is nobody here listening listening is just listening listening is Just Happening there is nobody here talking talking is Just Happening talking is just talking there is no seers seeing is just seeing some of you may be saying what what does that even mean when you try to understand mentally it becomes very

Confusing and most usually gets frustrated and that’s because the mind cannot understand this so please stop trying when I speak like this look for the answers directly in the experience because I am pointing to an experience not a conceptual concept for the mind to understand you really have to inquire it’s the only

Way to see what I am pointing to I can take you through a simple teaching even though there is nobody here learning or teaching anything before I get into the rest of the video I want to address something I’ve seen in my comment recently

I see a lot of you saying some of my videos are contradicting because in one video I’ll say you don’t exist but then in another video I’ll say something like you need to feel your feelings I just want to make it clear that language completely has no truth to what

I am pointing to I don’t know another way to explain and point to these experiences what I am explaining is truly and explainable that’s why it’s confusing the best answer to anything you ask me would truly just be silent because you can’t talk about this you can only sense it

Or I’ll say you can only be it but anyways now I want you to focus on listening notice that even without the idea of a listener listening is still happening Thank you notice where that sense of I’m The Listener appears and realize it’s just a thought it’s just a belief there is no person in the head that is listening it’s all happening on its own it’s as if listening is its own being it’s as if everything is conscious of

Itself listening is listening talking is talking feeling is feeling and there is nobody here doing any of that If you believe that there is be curious and inquire to see if you can find this me that listens talks sees or thinks where does this me appear to exist go directly to where the me appears to be located where do you sense the me

Did you go to the sensation of what we call the face or the head or even the whole body well now realize without the mind’s labels those are just Sensations even labeling them Sensations isn’t relevant completely drop all of it as if you have no idea of what it is

That’s not the sensation of a face and the body there’s no such thing as a face or a body that’s just a label for now drop it Now look and see if you can find us me within this experience without labeling these Sensations a sensation see if you can find the me in them where is it well I know you can’t find anything because it doesn’t exist I know how strong that sense of me can appear

So don’t try to change these Sensations don’t expect anything to change realize regardless of how it may feel there is still not a me in these feelings even scientists say there is no person behind the face or in the brain but you will never truly know this intuitively

Until you look and see for yourself don’t believe anyone see it for yourself but when it appears to fall away everything you had attached to it also falls with it the anxiety the worries the fear the shame and regret the suffering you have stuck this story of suffering on to the

Person so when the person is seen as an illusion you’ll realize you never had any of this it was just a story you never had anxiety you were never actually suffering because there was never anyone here to claim to be suffering it’s hilarious yet very very freeing

Life becomes so intimate once the person goes because you no longer feel like this separate person who is experiencing life because that’s implying that there are two the person and life it will feel like you are life itself because you are you will experience this sense of Oneness

Life can appear Dreadful and painful for you simply because you feel separated from life and it’s such a relief when you directly experience being one with life itself and you are life right now you can never not be life you are not the body you are not the

Image of the face but they are you and I know that doesn’t make much sense but you are this Consciousness or whatever you want to call it that is animating this vessel you are animating this environment there is no separation the environment is you and you can genuinely sense that you are

The life force of everything and to everyone everything is you everything is life everything is you And I’m not talking to the person when I say you when you awaken even though there is nobody here to awaken what changes is your identity it’s an amazing shift and it’s permanent once you experience it there is just no way to go back because what you once

Thought was truth no longer makes sense it’s like how did I ever believe I was this person it’s such a joke now will things still arise of course anger will still rise sadness even fear but there’s just nobody here experiencing it anymore and you won’t even have to label them that anymore it

Just is what it is there’s no problem at all with emotions only the person believes that I want to make it clear that the person never existed so don’t believe you are getting rid of something you’re just coming to the realization that it never existed in the first place believing

That there is a person to get rid of does nothing but keep the illusion of it existing going It’s Tricky the illusion of the person may also rise after Awakening but it doesn’t have the same pull anymore nor will there be a belief in it and over time it will

Appear to fall way more and more once you realize the person doesn’t exist you can begin seeing so-called others as yourself you see past appearances and their ego created person and you sent yourself you sense that life force that you are behind that vessel and all you have is nothing but love for

Them you may not like someone’s character but you will always have this love for what they truly are because it’s you and don’t worry personality is still here it can still rise you can still function normal whatever that means life doesn’t change it’s just the way you experience it that will life has

Always been life we have just added so many filters onto it and it’s blinded us from seeing that here’s another way you can inquire your experience really low can see what’s here when thoughts aren’t know that thoughts only think about the past or future they rise in the present but the

Content of them is always the past or future be with what’s here be without thought and notice what’s here you can say nothing or everything but the person isn’t here right it only Rises once you start thinking again and taking ownership of the one who thinks

The one who claims to be the Thinker is just another thought there is no thinker thinking is thinking it’s just happening you have no control because there is nobody here controlling anything yes choices get made but there’s nobody making choices regardless of what excuse the Mind tries to find to convince you

That the person is real and in control it’s not the Mind wants to be in control but in reality it can’t and it never has been and once you see this it’s undeniable it’s so clear that there was never anyone here it’s so clear that you never

Had a life and you are a life itself it becomes so clear that you aren’t doing anything and things are just happening the flow of life it’s what you are it’s what we all are as one everything is you there is no such thing as separation you are already home

Because you are literally everything you are already healed because nothing has actually never been wrong with you everything is perfect right now Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign

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