The Truth About Time… ( Experience Being Without Time )

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Full Transcription:
No time has never passed it’s always been now what is time when the mind is silent where is time one of the most life-changing realizations is realizing that time doesn’t truly exist the truth is the past it’s just a memory and a memory is simply an imagination I’m not saying

Things didn’t happen they did but nothing can happen in the past because everything happens in the moment in the now her memory is not remembering something from the past a memory is remaking a moment in the mind it’s used to capture a moment just like a picture or video

Cameras are used to capture the moment the first time I heard of this I was confused because I was clearly able to find a picture of myself from 10 years ago so in that moment it was evidence to me that time is as real as the past

But then I asked myself and was this picture actually taken was it taken in the past or was it taken in the moment and this picture is just a capture of that moment and that’s when it hit me time is only what I thought it was and the past and

Future don’t exist and the way the mind made it out to be time is man-made we can’t argue that and I’m not saying it isn’t useful but the truth is it’s not what it appears to be time was created for humans so that we can measure objects moving

Within space the sun and the moon were used to create calendars the months days and years and of course time day and night past and future these Concepts make it appear as if time exists as if time is actually passing but the only thing that’s appearing to

Happen is movement but the movement is happening in the now not tomorrow not yesterday not back then or later on time makes it appear as if yesterday exist tomorrow will come but the truth is we have never experienced the past we never experienced yesterday nor will we ever experience tomorrow

It will always be right now because it can only be right now everything is happening right now I want to get back to the objects moving within space thing because this is what really shifted it all for me time Majors the objects moving within space but what about this space what’s the

Nature of this space is this space moving has it ever changed and can it ever change or do things just appear to change within it is this the same space when you were five years old and will it be the same space when you are 80 years old

Can anything happen to this space can you escape this space can you escape this moment this is what you have to focus on to realize what I am pointing to you see understanding and accepting that time doesn’t exist on a mental level won’t do much for you you can experience being without time

Directly you can experience the aliveness and power of the present moment we actually experience timelessness very often but most of us don’t even realize it when something catches your attention and it feels like time just stops and it’s just you and whatever you are experiencing maybe you get so deep into a

Conversation with someone and you two are so present with each other that after the conversation ends you both check the time and you don’t even realize how long you two were talking you lost track of time or maybe when participating in an activity and you get in what we call the

Zone it’s the place where time doesn’t exist and it’s just now you can never truly leave this moment even when thoughts rise of the past or future it’s happening now people ask well what about age aging is not evidence of time and this should be clear to realize

First things first birthdays give the illusion of vaging you only have one birthday but birthdays aren’t all that makes these bodies age food we consume plays a big part in this why is it that healthier people and those who fast look very uneven when they are said to be older in age

Your environment plays A Part stress Etc there are so many things even the belief of time plays a part in aging we underestimate the body I believe we are capable of living for a hundreds of years but unfortunately we don’t necessarily follow what needs to be done to achieve that

And no I’m not saying we should be the size of a baby forever these bodies do come to a mature form regardless let’s also talk about time travel here if we could time travel wouldn’t the past and future have to exist in this very moment

How can we go to a place that doesn’t exist right now and let’s say you go to the year 2010 would that space change or is it still that same space would you be experiencing the past or would you be experiencing 2010 right now do you see what I am pointing to

This space this presence is all there is it’s the foundation the concept of time was created within it when you can experience timelessness enough eventually time will simply be seen for what it is you won’t be a slave to it anymore the future and past will

Not be able to trap you in its illusions worrying begins to Fall Away fear of what’s next can full way guilt and shame and the fear to change can fall away because those are things that the future and past has given to the mind all of your power is here in the now

Where else could it be don’t try to grasp it and hold on to it you can’t it is the flow of life and it can end will never end this flow is always here notice it become alert of it it isn’t separate from you also it’s not

Like there is a separate you who is experiencing presence you are this because you are everything objects are moving within space to create the illusion of time but the space that allows these objects to appear to move in doesn’t change notice that space

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