The Truth About The Human Body. DO NOT Run From It. ( End People Pleasing, Anxiety etc. )

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Full Transcription:
Stop running away please stop running away from the body you are just making your experience more and more Dreadful maybe you’re unconscious of this but one of the reasons why you may be suffering is because you don’t like feeling uncomfortable you don’t like feelings certain emotions

And I understand it I really do I myself was the same way I thought feeling anger or feeling sadness just overall anything that I labeled uncomfortable was always labeled as wrong I thought oh no I’m feeling anxious I’m feeling that heaviness on my chest this isn’t a good thing but that’s not true

At all We have so much pressure and energy and attention on the mind and in the headspace that we completely forget about the body as a whole more than half of the world is living from that headspace they are living and running on autopilot from thought alone and if you’re constantly in your head

That’s not a peaceful way to live at all you have to return back to the body it’s one of the most powerful things any of you can do you will literally begin experiencing reality in a brand new way now yes we are not the body but the body

Is within us and it is very very powerful if you have a healthy connection with it no matter what you will always be experiencing this vessel you can’t make it disappear so while you are having this experience as a human connect back with it you’re so much in your head created a false

Reality that you’re missing out on what’s real you’re missing out on life so what do I mean by returning back to the body it’s very very simple but it will be very uncomfortable if you haven’t been with it for a while basically all that’s happening is your attention is now spread throughout the

Body instead of just in the head you can experiment with your attention and find what works best for you for example you can place your attention in your hands and then slowly go to the wrist to arms legs etc etc you can focus on one area and the

Body or you can focus on the whole body as one big sensation if you’re able to do so this isn’t a mental activity the mind will scream constantly at you when you begin feeling the body and reconnecting to it because it’s scared of dying the ego is afraid

There are programs in the mind that prevent us from looking at our pain to prevent us from feeling our feelings because as kids we were taught that certain energies were negative such as anger if you were punished for expressing yourself you will have suppressed emotions and they never will go away

Until you give them the tension they beg you for these emotions in the body are constantly trying to grab your attention but the ego the mind has a very strong hold on you it will bring up fake scenarios and make you worry about the future the very moment you try to

Connect with the body but you have to let it be there know that the mind will try its best to bring your attention back to it it’s okay to actually an act of love it’s actually trying to protect you but the problem is it’s making you suffer

Right now I want you all right now to notice that pressure in your head that’s if it’s present for you it may be in the face or the forehead or the top of your head have you ever actually just looked at it without judgment have you ever looked at it with

Ignorance without labeling it or identifying with it it’s Just Energy regardless if it’s uncomfortable you don’t need to label it bad it’s just energy realize that no emotion has ever killed you the body is amazing it’s built to withstand these energies but we have been fooled to be scared of them

There is literally nothing to be scared of even in the external reality we are only afraid of things because of how we believe it will make us feel and think the only thing that changes when it comes to fear is your thoughts and emotions to things that you are not what we are

Afraid of is feeling uncomfortable the moment you realize that emotions aren’t scary and once you see how simple and easy and effortless it really is to just sit with those uncomfortable feelings life will begin opening up for you in magical ways The body has all the answers you seek for you don’t need me you don’t need all these Concepts and ideas about spirituality just listen to the body be with it completely surrender to it once you being this spiritual journey once you reach that point of no return

You can sense this gravitational pull on your attention and the body is the key to surrendering to that pull it’s calling you to just let go there is no one here to let go but there is a letting go that happens life always takes care of life and there is forces

Waiting to show you this but you’re listening to those stories in your head well good news none of it is real I know how real it feels but look around nothing but now is happening and the mind will have you believing that you need to think about something so that

Your life stays on track imagine trying to drive in someone’s just screaming at you telling you to watch out for the potholes and telling you aren’t you scared you might crash what if your will pops can we stop at McDonald’s you can’t focus there is no Flow State

And constantly worrying and thinking if you’re in the moment you will see the potholes you will react the correct way if you were to crash and you would realize that you don’t even have food at home you don’t need to think about life we don’t have the control we think we

Have and trying to be in control of life is why we stress and worry and fear come back to the body it’s such a nice place to be you don’t even have to close your eyes to meditate I’d personally recommend that if you have been meditating for a

Long time and it’s still difficult just stop meditating keep your eyes open you may realize things a lot easier you don’t need your eyes closed to sense the body notice how you’re already aware of the body without effort and that’s because it’s within what you truly are as Consciousness awareness

The same way you don’t have to try to listen you don’t have to try to taste you don’t have to try to see stop trying and just be that was a nice little rhyme but seriously my reality completely shifted once I began bringing my awareness back down into the body most

Of us don’t even realize how much attention is in the mind until someone points it out like I said this will be and can be very uncomfortable if you are new to this but do not be scared of these energies notice it’s the mind that judges them or

Tries to take you away from them testy with them don’t try to change them or pray for them to go away just be and day by day you will feel lighter and lighter and lighter no need to try to change your thoughts neither they will go away along with the energies that

Pass through the body for the rest of the day be with the body

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