The TRUTH About The 5 Senses ( A Direct Experience )


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Full Transcription:
There is nobody here who is present there is nobody here listening there is nobody here feeling there is nobody here seeing smelling or tasting the illusion that there is a me here in the center of all this who is experiencing these senses is actually blinding you from truly experiencing the

Truth of these five senses directly and it’s all also blinding you from realizing the truth of what you truly are so I’m going to direct you towards a couple experiences that will change the way these senses are experienced let’s look at listening does it feel like there is a you here that is

Listening to this video does it feel like the body is listening to this well if it does I want you to know notice this really quick there is no listener all that’s actually here is sound appearing sounds are appearing within Consciousness there is no listener of these

Sounds the activity of hearing is the sound itself hearing is the sound directly there isn’t something being heard by someone there is just sound appearing within Consciousness it’s very direct there isn’t truly an activity of listening because that would imply that there is someone separate from the sound

That is able to listen to the sound there is just sounds if this is hard for you to realize that there is no listener you first have to realize that you are tra tracing the sound back to the illusion of a me listening meaning you feel as if there

Is a me here in this body who’s listening to these sounds but drop the me and simply notice sounds still appear without the idea of a me listening because there is no receiver of sounds there is just sound notice that sound has its own reality it’s not mixed with any other

Senses but it does work with others senses to help Co create our experience of what we call the world it’s not like site can listen or smell can listen each sense has its own reality and I know sometimes it feels like we are receiving the sound through

The sensations of the body most most likely from the sensation of the head but that’s not true because Sensations can’t hear anything sensation are simply Sensations and sound is sound I know you may have heard me or other people say listen with your whole body or listen with your being instead

Of listening with the ears and that is simply just another way to point to the experience we are trying to get you to experience you’re not actually listening with the body and listening with your being is not listening with the body your being is not the body when you listen with

Your being The Listener Falls away and all that’s left is the sound itself so if you are ever directed to listen Drop The Listener The Listener is the sound itself because there is no listening happening listening is our way of describing attention being placed on a specific sound but there is no

Listener hearing is the sound so see if you can stay with the sound for a couple seconds and notice that sound is just that sound you don’t need to to think about who or what is listening also the sound as no location you saying it over there or right here

Is coming from thought there is no over there or over here notice that sound Rises out of nowhere it rises out of nothing the source of sound is you it’s silence everything Rises out of it and it has no specific location to claim that something is over

There you would be implying that there is a me here but there isn’t so once you get the hang of experiencing sound directly as what it is you can begin to apply that same approach to all the other senses so let’s focus on feeling now I’ve talked a

Lot about feeling your feelings and that can be a misleading way of describing the actual experience of feeling feelings because there isn’t a feeler of feelings there are just feelings and it’s only when the illusion of the feeler is seen through that’s when you are truly able to allow what’s

Appearing to be felt fully which is very important because that’s when you begin to realize that there’s nothing wrong with any sensation which allows you to no longer be afraid of Sensations which is the only true thing we resist and run away from anger fear anxious

Etc all of this can be seen for what it is so for now I want you to notice the sensations of what we call the body don’t notice it as being the feeler just notice the feeling of feelings as just being feelings that’s what it is it literally

Is what it is you don’t have to Adam me who takes ownership of it in the middle of that it may feel like I am feeling the body or I am the body but there is no feeler there are just Sensations make that perspective switch and keep it

Simple the same way sound has its own reality so does Sensations so the activity of feeling is the sensation itself there isn’t really any activity that’s happening it’s simply the noticing of sensation as Sensations because there is no separate person who stands apart that is feeling those

Feelings and feeling there is just the felt you don’t need to think about who’s feeling or what is feeling because there isn’t a who or what this is why when you do try to figure that out you always come up empty-handed because there is nothing there you may hear it’s Consciousness

That’s feeling or it’s Consciousness that’s seeing and hearing but Consciousness is no thing it’s not a thing it’s nothing so there isn’t a feeler or a listener or a Seer the listen is the sound itself the feeler is the sensation itself The Seer is what’s seen etc

Etc and these senses do not need the illusion of a me who claims to be the one experiencing them the me is not listening it doesn’t exist the me is not feeling it doesn’t exist the me is not seeing it doesn’t exist when you let go of that me the freedom

From senses will now be available you begin to realize they aren’t affecting Consciousness at all they aren’t even touching you you are completely free from all five senses regardless of how uncomfortable a sensation may appear or how loud a sound is consciousness you are Beyond them all because they are appearing within you

They aren’t outside of you so they can’t stand apart from Consciousness to harm Consciousness let’s look at sight the same rule applies what seeing is simply what’s seen it’s that direct and simple you can let go of the sear of experience and I promise what’s seen will still be present whatever is being

Seen seen isn’t being seen by someone seeing is sight itself there’s isn’t someone in the middle of it the sear is sight itself meaning there is no sear there is just what’s seen allow that to be obvious there is no receiver of any of these senses there isn’t a listener

There is just just sound there is no feeler there is just the felt and when you can directly experience them as what they are without involving a me that’s experiencing them you’ll first begin to notice the Consciousness that you are completely free from all five senses which can

Bring you into P presence these senses are like portals into presence stick with one of those and notice how it pulls Consciousness back into presence there is also nobody here that is present there is just presence it has its own reality it’s very freeing when you begin

To change the relationship you have with these senses when you’re able to stand independent from them that’s freedom and you may ask how could I possibly be free from these senses when you’re no longer depending on these five senses to validate Your Existence you’re free you have to realize that these senses need

Consciousness to appear to exist you don’t need them to exist you can rest within yourself instead of resting in the senses you can go beyond the five senses and this world then rest within yourself and that’s where the heaven within you is it’s within yourself not within the body

Because the body is within this world you are literally not here nobody is you have to let go of the world completely if it’s not a physical place it’s a spiritual place it’s imaginary it’s a product of the Mind the mind is the world so let go of the mind

This is where you go to be one with God or the universe this is where you find yourself and doing so completely changes the relationship you have with the world and the five senses and it’s amazing the world becomes very dreamlike it doesn’t feel or appear as solid as it used to

And this allows you to approach this experience in a very playful way what’s Experience can finally be freely experienced without the unnecessary conflict and pushing and pulling the anger you try to suppress because the me thinks it’s bad is now law it’s now playful expression the fear

That the meat tries to run from is now allowed you see that the fear is no longer feared by anyone you just see fear as fear you have no problem with it anymore and eventually it just drops away the same applies to anything else that you may have previously had issues

With so so practice being with these senses for what they are I promise it will open a whole new perspective and world for you and as you begin to realize that Consciousness isn’t affected by these senses go beyond them and rest within yourself

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21 days ago

There is sound. But there is no listener There is Feelings but there is no feeler There is Sight but there is no seer There is Smell but there is no one… Read more »

21 days ago

Excellent description through communication.✔

Stefania Dusan
Stefania Dusan
21 days ago

Thank you for this, I needed right now to hear it.

James Banks
James Banks
21 days ago


21 days ago

Like a dream where we can smell taste see but in real nothing is there, can we use that analogy for this

Lord Cooler
Lord Cooler
21 days ago

Perfect timing. Its been a while since i watched your videos and i am working with the 5 senses for a few months now and also watched on Astral doorway homemade vipasana,where… Read more »

21 days ago


Larry Hanson
Larry Hanson
21 days ago

The mystic sees things as they are. Not as they are told ~ LAO TZU

Juda Reinitz
Juda Reinitz
21 days ago

I love it how do you make it teach me please

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