The Truth About “Reality”…It’s A Lie. | Here Is What You Need To Realize! ( This is REAL Life )

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Full Transcription:
You have been blinded for so so long you have been living without even knowing you are alive suffering stressing overthinking judging yourself I’m states of depression for long enough what if I told you there is a place a dimension where none of that can exist

And what if I told you that you were already and have always been there in this video your perception and your experience of what life truly is will completely shift as long as you can realize what I am pointing you to But to realize what I will be pointing you to you have to realize the false reality of the mind that you are currently experiencing please just follow along the mind it’s an amazing tool I mean look around see what it has been able to create everything you see was once a

Thought and their imagination everything you see has been manifested into this 3D physical reality amazing right the mind can be used to create but it can also be used to destroy fear it’s a product of the mind it actually isn’t real danger is real and the body reacts

Naturally to that but ninety percent of the things you fear are made up in the false reality of the Mind anxiety depression overthinking all of these things are products to the mind and they can appear to make life so difficult and miserable This is why the most powerful thing you can do is overcome and transcend the mind to see that the mind has a false reality and to see that outside of it is where real life exists and what do I mean outside of the Mind

Well let me show you I want you all to participate please wherever you are at just begin looking around go ahead and begin naming the things you see around you the walls the TV that rug the bed and pillows Even look at the body and name the body parts the hands that black toenail yuck notice how these labels were all created from the mind the Mind label the pillow the pillow you get the point right the mind has labels on pretty much everything you perceive it may also have

Judgments on what you perceive and the most damaging thing the Mind may do is identify with what you perceive such as being the body now I want you to look around again but this time let go of the mind let go of the labels the walls are at the walls

They just are experience everything as it is no need to label anything labels are just labels they mean nothing To come completely ignorant to your environment as if you were just born in this very moment you know nothing you don’t identify as anything you’re just being even language drop it just experienced that reality outside of the Mind Notice that the experience of the nature of this reality is more real than the reality of the minds the mind just adds all of these filters over what’s real and that’s what makes it false that’s where we all get blinded here’s another example emotions the moment the body gets that tight feeling

In the chest the Mind may say oh this is anxiety this is really bad and it may begin believing that if I am feeling this this must mean this scenario will happen then it starts creating fake scenarios but if you let go of the mind’s judgments and labels and its concept of

Goat and bad that emotion in the body will be realized for what it truly is It’s Just Energy even calling it energy is another label of the mind it just is and right now if you just experience the body or those energies you’ll realize wow it’s not hurting me at all

And nothing is actually bad or good at Justice thinking about emotions is unnecessary just experience them and they will pass it’s the mind saying don’t feel that uncomfortable feeling that’s bad remember this remember that thing that happened 10 years ago what if it happens 10 years from now see how ridiculous the

Mayan’s reality is it isn’t real but we are addicted to the mind please admit this now if you believe that you have to think about life for it to go well if you cannot go minutes without giving all your attention to thinking you are addicted to its activity so much

That you may even believe you are the mind the Mind may have just said I’m not the mind what do you mean it’s hilarious this reality that’s outside of the mind is real life this is truly life and realize how close it’s always been it’s been here the whole time and it can

Never not be here it’s closer than any thought than any emotion it’s just here it’s so subtle don’t allow the mind to begin trying to create this fantasy of what you are experiencing just experience everything for what it is now are these labels of the Mind useful

Yea of course they are if someone asked me to pass to remove I’m not going to act like I don’t know what that is just because I know labels mean nothing this is just to show you that there is this Dimension outside of the Mind in biblical terms they call this place

Heaven the mind is where hell can appear to exist in heaven you will realize that you are everything and everyone because separation can only appear to exist in hell and the mind in heaven you will realize that it’s not possible to suffer here to cause suffering only appears to exist in the

Mind in hell in heaven you will realize what you truly are as God is consciousness but don’t even label it that you are truly beyond words and form but in hell you will identify with being something with form a character a personality the ego’s creation of who I am

The saying ignorance is bliss can only be experienced and understood once you step outside of the mind’s reality when you know nothing and you be nothing you’ll realize that you’re everything you have never left Heaven it’s not possible it’s just that your attention has been so caught up in hell that you

Forgot your attention so fixated on the mind and its false reality that you don’t even notice that you are alive Constantly throughout the day just be just drop everything and experience real life the life outside of the conceptual filters soon something will rise within you to your peace love and light and you will notice that this is actually real life thank you

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