The True POWER Of Acceptance ( Trancending ALL Forms Of Suffering VERY POWERFUL! )

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Full Transcription:
Know the power of acceptance It’s been talked about many times but at the same time not enough the power and allowing what is to be will easily begin transcending the things you appear to suffer from For example accepting your fears it’s truly the only way to transcend it to heal from it and to remove the energy of fear out of your reality when you began accepting your fears they will no longer have that pull on your energy or attention you’ll begin seeing

Through the illusion of fear and the mind effortlessly and you’ll realize that fear doesn’t exist yes danger is a real threat but our bodies react on their own when it comes to things we should actually be in survival mode for but most of fear is caused by the mind’s false perception of things

I’ve had people say well why would I accept my fears if my thoughts and emotions create my reality why would I accept it and yes that is true thoughts and emotions are used for creation and manifesting but if you can transcend and accept your fears while they are still

Only internally is very less likely to happen on the outside if you are still fearing the things you fear you are constantly receiving thoughts and emotions about this fear so you are more likely to actually experience it because that energy and fear is still within so just come to accept it now

Accept every single fear you have to allow the body and mind to freak out about it without trying to change what’s present Allow those fears to happen within as if they were really happening and accept it now you may be asking well how do I accept how do I use the amazing power of acceptance well it’s very very simple first you must realize that our acceptance isn’t an activity it’s a

State of being it’s being completely present with what is without the desire to make it go away or to change I’ll compare it to being like space the space in your room accepts everything no matter how much junk you put in your room no matter how many things come in and come out

Space is just being and allowing things to be it’s not throwing people out or moving things around so that it feels comfortable it’s just being itself this is what you must be when you are in this state of being there is literally nothing that can shake you

I want you all to realize the power in this this acceptance doesn’t just apply to fear it applies to everything if you feel unworthy accept it I know how it sounds but try not to predict the outcome or paint a picture of what should happen if you accept it the only

Reason you continue to feel unworthy is because you are rejecting the feeling you don’t want to feel that way so you continuously suppress it and try to find a way out and you will continue to feel that way if you continue rejecting what is you have to start seeing how everything is

Happening for you not to you that feeling of unworthiness continues to rise so that you can have the opportunity to transcend it to accept it to see through it and realize truth Once you learn and understand how powerful acceptance is life becomes so simple and easy honestly you’ll stop worrying about what happens because you know you can accept what is regardless of the situation and even if worrying begins to rise you’ll just accept it therefore it won’t have any power over you

It’s like this I’ll use death as an example because this is a very big fear for the majority why do some have a fear of death it’s something that the human body and mind cannot avoid so why do we fear it does society see how wrong that truly is it’s

Natural everything physical is born and then dies nothing lasts forever now if you come to accept that one day the human vessel you as God are experiencing will die you won’t have these fears that cause unnecessary suffering throughout your experience if you accept it you won’t even have thoughts arising about it anymore

Because you just don’t care anymore and you transcended the fear of it that energy no longer exists in your reality it’s not something we should be worried about honestly you actually don’t die and can never die anyways it’s only the body that dies but because you are identified and wrongly

Believe that you are formed you fear it but that’s another topic for another video you may even have a fear of acceptance isn’t that hilarious somehow someway the ego was programmed through conditioning to believe that if I accept this something bad will happen therefore you refuse to accept it if you

Really look at it you would rather suffer than come to peace with it suffering is almost comforting for some because it’s all they have been experiencing so anything that’s not suffering almost feels like they don’t deserve it so they fall back into suffering I was this way

At one point you feel like you don’t deserve peace in a way but even if you feel that way accept that you feel like you don’t deserve anything just sit and be present with those feelings and thoughts you don’t have to agree with it or believe and that anymore but just allow your

Experience to be how it is in this moment step back and just watch be the screen that the movie of life is playing on because that’s what you truly are you are the canvas behind the painting you are life itself experiencing experiences you are not what you experience

Right now you are a source it’s not something you can find because you are already looking from it you have the glasses on looking for your glasses but it’s only when you go look in the mirror it’s only when you turn your attention back to self is when you will

Realize why I’ve had these glasses on the whole time I’ve been God awareness Consciousness this whole time please accept every moment if you catch yourself stressing or worrying just say it I accept my current internal experience it’s happening regardless so you might as well be present with it and

Heal it and transcend it and accept it everything will begin flowing for you once you let go remove the rocks of resistance and allow the stream of water to flow You are so powerful don’t believe I’m yourself come to know yourself so that there is no doubt about it

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