The Spiritual Ego Has You TRAPPED Away From Awakening! ( This Is Very Important to Realize )

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Full Transcription:
Spiritual path is full of ups and downs set backs and breakthroughs there’s moments where we feel like no progress is being made getting stuck and having no idea where to go next if you’re on this journey you may experience those things but there is also a couple traps we need to be aware

Of because it can be the very reason you feel stuck there may be something holding you back and one of those traps would be developing a spiritual ego me personally this was something that held me back for some time so what is a spiritual ego I’ll give you an example have you ever

Caught yourself in the mind’s Illusions maybe overthinking for a long time and while the overthinking is happening there’s like another voice trying to fight off the overthinking and it fights it by repeating the knowledge you have learned over and over again these are not my thoughts I am not my thoughts who

Is thinking these thoughts throughout the day you are constantly having these spiritual thoughts and that’s great but the issue as we tend to believe well if it’s a positive thought or a spiritual thought it must be me thinking those higher thoughts you may believe well those thoughts must

Be me and that is false yes you may be receiving these thoughts from a higher frequency but that doesn’t mean they are you if you want the spiritual breakthroughs and realizations you seek for you have to disidentity with all thoughts notice how you’re repeating the things you know constantly over and over again

And still nothing in your day-to-day experience has changed you are still suffering from your anxiety and fear you still May identify with the body and mind and that because you only know these things on a mental level but knowing these mentally will not change your experience you must actually

Realize what you know to be true no concept or creation of the mind will give you the answers to that which you are seeking for you have to actually see it the next time your mind begins repeating knowledge back to you stop for a second

If the mind says I am not my thoughts don’t believe that thought realizing is beyond believing with belief there is doubt stop and see this to be true if you are not your thoughts the thought that said I am not my thoughts isn’t you be what you truly are as Consciousness

Awareness and notice that you are aware of all thoughts know that if you are aware of something you cannot be that which you are aware of you don’t need to believe me see that to be true for yourself And the thing is a lot of you have the knowledge you can probably teach these teaching easily but you may not be experiencing what you know so you may still have got deep down but you don’t need me you don’t need these videos or any other teacher you

Need to take time alone for a couple days and just sit with yourself and allow those spiritual thoughts to point you to the truth see these thoughts as another teacher use them to point you to the truth Stop Believing in them because thoughts and words are not the truth

I can sit here and talk about how good my chick fill a sandwich was for days but those thoughts aren’t the Chick-fil-A sandwich it’s just the thoughts about it meaning I can sit here and constantly tell myself I don’t exist I am not the body I am not the mind I am

Consciousness but those thoughts aren’t the truth they are just the thoughts about it and you will never truly have these energetic shifts and breakthroughs if you are trying to awaken through the mind let me explain why you cannot awaken through the mind so an issue and another trap we may fall

Into is believing that these characters he believe ourselves to be will awaken a person cannot awaken because it doesn’t actually exist there is no such thing as a person the person or what the spiritual Community calls the false self or ego doesn’t exist because it’s just another collection of thoughts

The person is a creation of the mind so it’s literally not possible for the character you believe yourself to be to awaken to itself because you don’t exist the one who claims to be on this spiritual journey is just another thought the person who claims to have so

Much knowledge is just another thought you cannot find the person anyway here in this reality the person isn’t in the body the person isn’t an entity sitting in the brain it’s just another thought remember don’t believe me see this to be true for yourself just constantly ask where is

The person and once you begin looking you will realize you can’t find it it’s hilarious what comes to know itself through Awakening is consciousness Consciousness realizes that it’s Consciousness it’s not the person who realizes its Consciousness because the person never existed that’s why appearing to develop a

Spiritual ego and hold you back because you will still be identified with these thoughts you will still claim to have ownership over these thoughts you will appear to have a sense of self through these thoughts you must know that what you are is formless you cannot be anything you can

Observe you are not an object you are that which is effortlessly aware of them and don’t go looking for yourself you are already here you are so effortlessly aware right now that you don’t even notice you are aware of sound without trying because you already are here and aware

You are aware of the body’s Sensations without any effort because you are already here and aware you are aware of those thoughts in your head without trying to be because you are already here everything exists within you you don’t exist in this world the world exists within you you as in Consciousness am

Not talking to the person you are nothing personal Also the spiritual ego will try to create this character that is better than everyone else because you know so much why you are everyone and everything there is nobody else to be better than we are all one comparing yourself to others and that way is just ego trying to feed itself

See through the BS that arises be very alert and aware of these thoughts because they will almost have a more powerful pull on your sense of identity than the other thoughts don’t label the ego as a Bad Thing labels are just another product of the

Ego good and bad do not exist just see everything for what it is it is what it is a thought is just a thought

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