The Self Cannot Awaken! If You Feel Stuck Realize THIS! ( End Seeking, Unworthiness, Confusion )

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Full Transcription:
I believe this video will benefit a lot of you if you can realize what I am about to talk about because I believe it’s where a lot of us hit a wall during this journey to Awakening most of you watching this video actually have a lot of knowledge you can probably

Teach these teachings you have this mental understanding of things but because you aren’t experiencing what you know you’re stuck in the seeking Loop you figure out something and then you feel like that’s not enough so you seek for more and more and more and this can go on for years and years

And years some people have dedicated half of their life seeking for that one piece of information that they believe will be the final thing they need to know to realize their true nature and the funny thing is usually when they find a new piece of information it’s something they have already known it’s

Just worded different or there is still this belief that it’s not true but they want it to be so bad If this is you right now it’s okay because today is the end of all of that now but let me explain why this confusion and seeking energy stays round to sum it all up it’s only because you believe that the false self can awaken you believe that a human can awaken you

Believe that this mind and body will awaken you believe that the character you believe yourself to be will finally understand something and awaken but that’s just another sneaky Trek of the false self of the ego because it’s the false self that wants things but it doesn’t even exist isn’t

That funny who you believe yourself to be is just another thought if you are hearing this for the first time you probably think I’m crazy but hey news flash you don’t exist I know that triggered some of those false selves can’t wait to see you in the comments but seriously you don’t exist

There is just a belief that believe you are a human body in the mind and it’s not your fault for believing that you’ve been told you were whole life you were conditioned into creating this mental character if I asked who are you realize how you have to think about it it’s not

Real it’s all a mental creation who you are can change because it’s not and has never been real in the first place but what you truly are cannot change or come and go it’s always here now why is this important to realize because how could the false self-awaken

If it’s not actually real so many of us are trying to awaken these mental created characters when what you are is above all of it it’s not the false self that will awaken it will be Consciousness realizing that it’s consciousness Consciousness will awaken to itself Consciousness you have taken form of

Billions of different body minds and have been playing a character who doesn’t realize that it’s consciousness stuck in the mind illusions and false identifications so how do we realize this well whenever that seeking energy arises and there is an Impulse to want something or to want to watch 100 more spiritual videos

Realize the one who wants who is it that wants something it can’t be what I truly am because I’m already everything so that means it must be the false self that actually doesn’t exist to feels like it’s not complete now I’m not saying seeking energy is bad honestly seeking will stop when it’s

Realized that no matter what concept or video or speech you attain it will never get you closer to what is so if you continue seeking after this video it’s okay that’s just what’s happening but if this video is for you then take this to be a aligned message

There is no such thing as a coincidence because you are everyone and everything here is a owa moment listen to this you led yourself to experience this very moment everything in life has led you to this video you as in Consciousness is trying to get itself to realize itself isn’t that beautiful

This whole journey has been led by you but the false self is in the way of you realizing that now this is also very important someone asked me well how do I become Consciousness no matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to experience those glimpses people talk about

And I said trying is the reason why you haven’t realized it we are so used to trying things and working hard for things to get something that’s what Society pushes right work hard to achieve your dreams chase your dreams chasing implies that something is running away from you and you have to

Force yourself to catch it how about attract your dreams and it’s funny because the moment you give up trying to be consciousness that’s the very moment it will begin to shine through all the conditioning and through the false self consciousness is what you already are you don’t have to

Try to be it or try to see it if this is our Natural State why is it that we believe we have to try to be natural if you try to be natural that’s pretty unnatural there is nothing you have to do sometime today just sit and do nothing release

All effort and just be don’t identify with anything that arises if you can do that nothing will be able to distract you you are not the mind so let thoughts be don’t follow them you are not the body so allow whatever Sensations to rise and go away

You don’t need to imagine anything let that go also and you don’t have to try to be the Observer you are always aware if you weren’t the things that are rising wouldn’t exist do you see how you don’t have to try to be what you already are it’s the only

Thing that’s actually here everything else is a creation of the Mind the character you believe yourself to be is a creation of the Mind the past and future are imaginary they only exist in the mind because all we ever truly have is now things you believe to be an issue only is perceived

That way through the mind this whole reality is literally a creation and illusion of the mind even what we call reality isn’t what’s actually happening we cannot see what’s actually happening the brain is just so intelligent and magical that it’s able to take in light and create what we perceive the universe

Is made up of 99.9 percent empty space where Just Energy dancing around and things are just happening there’s nothing happening to nobody though things are just happening that’s the best way to explain it but I hope this video was heard from what you truly are I don’t care if the

False self understood this it won’t do anything for it but keep repeating knowledge to you thank you for happening

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