The Secret To Life Is To Die Before You Die ( Rebirth, Dark Night of the Soul )

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Full Transcription:
You must die before you die you must let go believing that you have a life so that you can recognize that you are life itself I really enjoy this topic because it is by far the most transformational spiritual experience once you begin walking down this journey of killing

Your identity and then being reborn if you are on a journey right now in this video I hope this will give you some clarity on what exactly is going on throughout this process and what you may experience once you have reached the rebirth phase so to begin the moment we are born a

Character is already beginning to write its Story the moment you touch the air of this reality you are given a name you’re born into an environment where you will be conditioned and pretty much programmed you will be told what to think and how to think and these conditions will form what we

Call a personality it’s the way you express yourself to others we grow up with these desires feelings beliefs all of these labels that we claim to make us who we are as a person we are also identified with the story of who I am if I were to ask you to

Describe yourself realize that mostly everything you say is something that can be changed at any point of time or realize that everything you say is just a part of a story attached to your character it’s not who you truly are the spiritual journey is by far in my

Opinion the most painful yet beautiful experience anyone can go through because this story and what you have believed yourself to be begins to shatter everything and I mean everything you thought you knew wasn’t the truth and this process is more about letting go and unlearning things and it is learning things

And because the ego is what holds these stories together once you begin killing those attachments your ego will begin dying it actually believes that you will die if you let if of certain things this is why there is so much resistance during this journey this is why people

Believe it’s so difficult to change it’s because the ego doesn’t want to die it wants to stay in full control that wants to believe that it’s real like Pinocchio it wants to be who you truly are it wants to be a real being but if you inquire what the ego is you

Will realize that the concept of the ego isn’t even real because there is no thinker there is no one here to take ownership of thoughts thoughts are just happening and the attachment to them creates the illusions that those thoughts are you and that you are thinking those thoughts

So that sense of I am thinking has been created but the ego is also just another story when people say kill your ego it’s not literally killing it so it no longer exits it’s not possible to actually kill your ego it’s more about disidentifying with it so that it no longer controls you

And then eventually the ego will settle down realize that it’s no longer in control and now you can be in harmony with it dying before you die is very important definitely if you are someone who has suffered a lot in Life or is currently going through suffering currently

Because during this process you really begin seeing everything for what it truly is ask yourself right now without thoughts what else is left without labeling and judging everything what’s left without trying to create what you think this moment should feel or look like what’s left and you can’t really experience what I

Am pointing to with any language no words or answers is the truth just look around just be here what’s left is what is it is what it is it’s just this and when letting go of things like fear and anxiety and depression Etc this is what you must come to realize you must

Realize that it’s all Bs it’s all just another story of the mind and it’s not true at all notice how when you are experiencing one of those so-called problems let’s take fear for example because that’s honestly what’s behind every emotion so fear Rises and that feeling in chest

Appears those stories of what may happen begin running through the mind and now you are stuck in a illusion of the mind to cause what you believe to be true isn’t even what’s happening how can I love and hold a spider in my hand but when you get close to one you

Freak out and jump straight into fight or flight you begin sweating and having flashbacks you can’t even go watch Spider-Man movies that’s how terrifying they are to you but the only difference between me and you is what’s going on inside your thoughts and feelings are responding in

A completely different way than mine but take away the resistance to those thoughts and emotions that arise with fear when you take a step back and observe what’s actually happening you will see that oh there is energy vibrating in my chest and it’s not actually hurting me

It’s not even a bad thing it’s Just Energy oh and thinking is also happening but it’s happening to no one it’s just happening there is no need to believe in the stories there is no need to label those uncomfortable Sensations bad because it’s Just Energy these are the

Stories you just let go of these are the things that must die for you to be reborn into truth everything you think yourself to be is just another story you don’t have anxiety you don’t have fear you’re not depressed take the labels and stories away and see what’s left it’s just things happening

And they are happening to no one you don’t need to claim these things to be who you are because they aren’t you you are the awareness of what’s Happening you are not the body you are not the Mind those things are made out of you but they aren’t who you are directly Once you die it will be painful we cannot Escape pain that we can escape suffering this death will feel like your whole reality has been destroyed and that’s because it has you may even begin grieving that old story of yourself and that’s okay you may fall into an isolation period

For some time and that’s just the universe preparing you for your rebirth it’s time see the truth it’s time to live in truth and not in these stories and limitations of the mind because what you are is boundless and Limitless energy you are everything and everyone

Collectively we are all the One and Only God there is no such thing as separation that’s also another illusion what you are is life you don’t have a life you are life itself without you there is no experience without you there is no human character there is no nature

Everything exists within us it’s not the other way around you are not in this world the world is in you once you become reborn these things I’m saying will become so clear for you to see and the funny thing about all of this and this whole process is that this is

Who we all have always been we have never been what we all thought to be ask yourself what was I before the world began telling me who I am

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