The Reason You Feel Good One Day Then Terrible The Next.

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Full Transcription:
Hello and welcome thank yourself for taking time out of your day to learn something that will help you along your journey of life now I understand life may be very confusing and painful at this very moment but it’s not a bad thing at all I know you’re constantly going from a

Comfortable mood to a very very low mood and you just don’t understand why you’re going through these shifts it may be from our two hour or from day to day or week to week regardless your lows are very low and they have been outweighing the good

Pain is a teacher you may have heard that a million times but today you will hear it and understand it pain teaches us valuable lessons that we need for our future when you are entering your low moods your soul or you can say your higher self is making you go down there at

Those painful moments for a important reason those lessons and that knowledge that your soul desires lives down in those painful moments you need to experience some sort of discomfort or move so that you can find that lesson you need in the pain there is something you need to learn from these low moments

Every time and your soul will continue to put you in these moments until you become aware of it and until you learn it you see you are your soul you are the one doing this to yourself you know that you will overcome these things and you

Know that everything will be worth it in the end do you ever come out of a low mood and then you realize why you were in that low mood it may have been because you were overthinking or because you were giving too much attention to your past

You always know why you felt the way you were feeling and if you dig deep and become aware of what’s actually going on during these moments you will attain the knowledge and the lesson you needed to learn and sometimes those same situations and low moods will come back around the test

To see if you truly believe in what you have learned and most of the time we completely forget about it we lose hope in our knowledge we don’t trust ourselves it’s okay though because you as in the soul will continue to put you through these moods until you learn it

To know it to be true we have to be grateful for our pain yes I know it is very uncomfortable but once we overcome it we will be so happy we went through everything we had to go through every happy person says this they say I wouldn’t change a thing about

My past and what I went through because it has made me who I am today and you will feel the exact same way very very soon if this mood change has been happening very frequently for you recently congratulations you are leveling up rapidly even if you can’t

See it or feel it right now you have been switching from your old self to your new self don’t give up because you will let go completely of the old you very soon and you won’t need to visit that version of you much at all now if you have been on this healing

Journey or just this life journey and the depression just keeps coming back every other day and you think you have learned everything you need your next step is to surrender you have to learn how to let go and fully surrender now doing this will gain so much self-trust and so must trust in

The universe and so much trust in your God surrendering and letting go is by far one of the most transformational things you can do in life and it works so so fast surrendering allows you to have no resistance to anything anymore you aren’t trying to push thoughts aways you

Aren’t trying to push your emotions away you have no resistance anymore you are in the state of allowing the state of receiving your knowledge power will grow stronger and stronger and it will begin to wash away the limiting beliefs because you are allowing the universe to give you everything you cannot receive

The life you want if you are constantly trying to control and resist something you can only attract your desired life if you allow it to come to you you cannot receive your manifestations if you are constantly begging for them causing resistance you have to allow things to just be allow things to happen

Without getting involved and trying to stop them from happening no I’m talking about resisting things internally allow thoughts to happen allow feelings to happen they will go away naturally if you just let them be this sense of clarity and peace will follow up behind it so next time you catch yourself in a

Very low mood stop for a second and just give up give up trying to be happy give up trying to stop your thoughts give up trying to control everything and just observe just watch it all play out now it can be very uncomfortable but don’t try to change it you have to surrender

To the universe or your God and just allow them to deal with it let them handle it don’t try to fix anything just surrender it so remember pain is our teacher without it we wouldn’t evolve be grateful for your uncomfortable feelings just because they are uncomfortable does not mean

They are bad it only becomes a bad thing when you add a mental label to it this also means that emotions aren’t good everything just is everything just is stop resisting every single thing that makes you feel uncomfortable don’t give it so much attention don’t judge it just

Let it be because it just is and trust yourself so much more you cannot be afraid of your own potential you know you can get through whatever you are going through but your power and potential actually scares you maybe because you are thinking about how Others May view you or if others will

Accept you don’t worry about them how they feel has nothing to do with you you are allowed to be happy because this is your life you are allowed to play Big you don’t need to act small anymore this cycle of feeling good one day and feeling terrible the next is on its last

Chapter I am so excited for you to see how your life turns out on the other side of this thank yourself again for coming here to understand your Journeys struggles a little bit more you are powerful

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