The Power In Returning Back To The Body! THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO!

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Full Transcription:
For years not for your whole life but for years a lot of us have been living and experiencing this reality in our heads we have abandoned our bodies and it’s not your fault you have been conditioned and programmed to have all of your attention in the mind

I want you to realize how living from the mind’s Illusions is the only reason why any of us truly suffer and I will also share a couple practices to bring your awareness back down into the body there is nothing wrong there is literally nothing wrong with anything until the Mind begins creating stories

And judging every single thing you do the mind is where the past and future exist because they can’t exist to anywhere else if you are living with more awareness in the body will realize that this is the only moment we truly ever have the mind is what causes anxiety and fear

And worry the mind is so powerful that when thoughts rise about a future or past situation that begins to feel as if it actually happening right now but in your current experience there is nothing going on that’s just a peek into how powerful we all truly are the mind can become a

Great tool once you realize the truth about it but if you are always in your head 24 7 during your day-to-day experiences it’s going to be difficult to actually enjoy life and I know that we can all relate to that you’re probably thinking right now about this video as you are watching it

Do you see how easy the mind can grab your attention you aren’t letting your true being hear this message because your attention somewhere else for the remainder of this video I want you to try listening to this message with your body don’t try to understand anything I

Am saying I want to speak to Consciousness not to the mind and if you’re wondering how do I do that simply place your awareness in your hands and feet and slowly begin feeling the rest of your body just sink deeply into the energy of the body

There is no need to think about this just feel and let Consciousness hear the rest of this message the mind will try to confuse these very simple things so the body the body has one thousand percent more intelligence than the mind it’s actually where you can find a

Direct connection to source and your true being I love to relate back to when we all were kids notice how we were able to function so well and adapt it to our environments so well without the need to think about what we were doing we were simply letting our natural

Intuition guide us through life the same way animals live they aren’t thinking about what to do next and what happened in the past and what may happen in the future they are letting life guide life they aren’t overthinking about arguments they had with friends and family they are completely grounded and can easily

Let go of most traumatic experiences and just stay grounded and present do you have a dog or cat or any animal next to you I want you to observe them for a second and if you don’t simply just imagine you have one they aren’t thinking right now let your

Pets bring you back to this moment your pets and nature can teach you Stillness and presence but anyways let’s get back to you it’s going to be very difficult or I’ll say uncomfortable at first whenever we decide to come back to the body and it’s just because we don’t think

It’s safe we have been depending on our minds to navigate us through life our whole life so you may have a subconscious belief that if you stop thinking about life your life will fall apart your body may not feel safe because that’s also where our trauma is stored it’s where those uncomfortable

Sensations arise also and because we have been conditioned to believe the energy is bad we constantly try our best to resist feeling those Sensations but there is no such thing as a bad sensation it’s just that the Mind comes in and labels it bad if you drop the

Story and label you attached to those uncomfortable feelings you will clearly see that it’s not actually hurting you at all and that it’s Just Energy vibrating in the body the first step to returning back to the body is to realize that you see we are actually only afraid

Of feeling our feelings we don’t want certain situations to happen because of how we think it will make us feel do you see that because if you didn’t have any resistance to feeling those uncomfortable feelings you wouldn’t care you have to feel your feelings forget about becoming this enlightened being

And transcending your Consciousness to become this Angel if I recommend one practice it would be to feel your feelings because once you liberated and felt through those energies you will begin living a life of no resistance and your connection with your body will be very very strong meaning your confidence will Skyrocket

Those people pleasing habits will diminish that constant overthinking will go away anxiety will go away fear will go away these things won’t even make sense to you anymore this will throw you into being the main character of your life again and it’s the most amazing feeling

To come back to you will be so much more present and connected to your true being in life will just flow so much easier for you the joy in trusting yourself and not worrying is beautiful the codependency conditions will fall apart because self-love and self-respect

Will take over I can go on and on about how powerful it is to reconnect with the body the mind is just full of Illusions and lies how could you possibly be thinking that you are the greatest person in the world one day and the next

Day you don’t even want to live it’s not trustworthy it plays both sides and makes this simple experience confusing it causes so much unnecessary suffering now this won’t be an overnight shift realize that the body won’t feel safe to live from in the beginning because you have so many blockages in you from

Suppressing those emotions for years so it’s going to take some time to get that life energy to begin flowing through you smoothly again but the process of reconnecting is a beautiful Journey you will experience so many realizations and breakthroughs you will cry a lot and release a lot and results can happen

Instantly and permanent changes can be seen after a couple days I’m not making any promises or trying to get your hopes up it’s all really up to you are you able to let go and surrender are you able to stop resisting what is and just allow everything that is to be

If so my advice would be to feel your feelings and if you’re asking how to do that it’s very very simple just place all of your attention on the strongest sensation in the body and be present with it thoughts will arise but just keep that sensation your main focus you

Have to have no desire for it to go away you have to be curious of what it is love that you’re getting the opportunity to experience whatever that energy may be naturally it will go away you will literally feel it go away also try to keep your awareness in a body all day

Every day you can do any and every activity with awareness in the body you don’t need to think about what you are doing all the time because you already know what you are doing I don’t want you to believe anything I am saying you need to experiment and experience this for

Yourself that is my Challenge from me to you thank you for watching

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