The Power in Realizing You Are Not A Human Body ( BREAK THROUGH BEFORE THE NEW YEARS )

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Full Transcription:
In this video I want you not me but you to realize that you are not a body even if this is your first time ever coming across something like this let go of all what you think you know and just listen my intentions are for you to realize the

Truth what you really are maybe even experience a glimpse or hopefully a permanent realization and breakthrough I will take you through a interactive session where you will be guided to realize things for yourself believing that you are not the body won’t do anything for you you must know this

And then I will explain to you why this is so important and very very powerful to realize So you are not the body as I speak check to see if what I am saying is true for you are you aware of the feeling of having a body what exactly does that feel like check right now Got it so we both can agree that you are aware of the body Now are you aware of this video can you see this video yes of course well do you think that it’s you that sees or is it the eyes that see it’s their eyes that sea cracked the eyes give us the ability to see the same

Way the ears give us the ability to hear and listen you are not that what sees and you are not the one listening you are that which is aware of seeing happening you are that which is aware of listening happening what you are cannot see what you are cannot listen you are

The awareness of those things happening Sense that to be true notice it realize that see if you can take the seat of observing seeing happening your face should relax and it may even feel like something had fallen from your eyes Realize that this body is just a vehicle for Consciousness to experience what we call the human body experience when we experience pain we tend to automatically identify with what we are feeling I have anxiety I have fear I am angry I am sad Etc but none of these things are happening

To you it’s the body that is feeling this pain fear anxiety and all of these so-called negative emotions don’t even exist it’s all Just Energy happening in the body that you are not and we have labeled them and gave these feelings stories and judged them for being good or bad

Without any mental concept of what the body is feeling it’s just energy and it’s not you that is feeling it it’s the body you are experiencing it is feeling it the body experiences senses and pain not you because you are that which is aware of it

And it’s not the body that is aware only awareness can be aware and that’s what you are you only believe yourself to be something else because of what the mind has created but you are not the mind or its illusions you are not a personality a personality

Is created but the ego holds on to that identity because it’s trying to be what you truly are the Mind wants to be you the devil is trying to play God and that’s why even when we get a glimpse of our true being we fall right back into

The illusions of the mind to cause the ego is trying to stay alive but it’s all an illusion you just have to continue to see through it see right now realize right now that it’s not possible for you to be the body yes things happen to the body yes pain

Is real I’m not saying do not pay attention to it I’m just saying nothing is happening to you it may be happening to the body and mind but not to you and now I will get into why this is so powerful and how seeing this will instantly change your life

When you realize that you are not the body and that nothing can happen to what you truly are you can begin living a life of no resistance the only reason we fear things or get anxious about things the reason we are scared of the future and not wanting

Something to happen it’s only because you don’t want your body to feel a certain way you don’t like to be uncomfortable I mean nobody wants to always be uncomfortable but when you realize that you are not the body and you realize that it’s the body that is feeling

Energy and it’s not you you are able to feel those feelings fully without attachment and you have to understand how truly powerful that really is what you are as a very very powerful healing and loving energy when you are able to place your awareness on your feelings you are

Literally healing it that is how you heal you must feel the emotions but some of us feel our emotions and still identify with what we are feeling so you’re only halfway doing it you have to realize okay there is fear in the chest of the body it’s not

Happening to me it’s happening to the body but it is safe to feel this feeling be that which you are and heal the body let the body feel whatever it is feeling there is no right or wrong drop the mental story and judgment attach to it

And do not resist let go of effort just observe this will allow that energy to be felt these feelings are screaming at you to feel them and you keep running away from them you distract yourself by trying to think your way out or you pick your

Phone up no listen to the body need what you are to heal it wants your attention so bad the body has all of the answers and through intuition the body will guide you if you just listen to it and this whole feeling your feelings process will be difficult if you believe

That you are your emotions and body if you continue to believe that these feelings are happening to you you will suffer but it’s not you that’s even suffering even suffering is an illusion because it’s the mind that creates it it’s not real you recognize how powerful it is to

Realize what you truly are not just believing in it but to know it to experience it to return back to it you’ll be unstoppable you’ll be at peace because no matter what’s happening it’s not happening to you now I’m not saying stop being responsible and stop living

Life unless you want to be lazy and experience life that way it’s up to you but when you get a glimpse of what you are you wouldn’t want to sit around anyways fear doesn’t exist in you anymore so not you will go and do everything you ever wanted to do in life

While being free from resistance the spiritual journey is about on learning things and one of those things you must unlearn is that you are the body because that is false realize how the mind won’t let you believe it stop trying to see this using the mind that will never work

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