The Peace Thats Behind ALL Suffering! Just Realize This One Thing

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Full Transcription:
Emotional and psychological suffering can make our life experience Dreadful to the point where we no longer wish to be in our bodies we search and search for the quickest and most effective way out of this suffering but without knowing it that’s exactly what makes it worse drugs alcohol even the healthy ways of

Reducing our suffering just doesn’t seem to be working there are no big improvements and you have been trying everything well there is one place where peace is always standing and all it takes is for you to notice it and it is right behind all thoughts it’s behind all emotions

It’s the reason you’re able to even experience and experience it’s the recognition of self The Knowing of who you are as awareness notice how no matter what’s going on outside of you or inside of you there is always an awareness of it if there wasn’t those experiences wouldn’t exist

And this awareness is not the one whose suffering it’s the awareness of what you have labeled your experiences as suffering for example say you are standing outside and you see a person crying across the street you are aware of their experience but because you are the one aware of it you aren’t affected

By it you clearly can make the realization that their experience has nothing to do with you and that you’re just the one watching well who you truly are is that Watcher it is very possible to watch your fear and not become involved in it you have no need for it

To go away you don’t judge it or believe in it you just watch the thoughts and Sensations come and go this awareness that you are is this open space of peace and love it is the only truth thing about reality we don’t know if this

Reality is real it could all be in our brains the only thing we are sure of is that we are aware notice how you are aware right now and you can never not be aware you may forget that you are aware that you are always here and you have always been

Here behind your suffering you are there behind those thoughts you are there behind those emotions you are there here’s a tip when it comes to dealing with thoughts stop labeling them as thoughts just become aware that thinking is happening this will allow you to just sit in that awareness and just watch

What’s currently happening can you find that courage in you to sit in that peaceful awareness and just watch without judgment without trying to stop something when you do this you will find this peaceful place that you are it’s not really something you have to find actually because you are this peace you

Can’t not be yourself you can’t not be awareness so don’t go searching for peace just know that who you truly are Behind These experiences is the peace you have been searching for your whole life you can’t go and find happiness you can’t find peace you just become aware

Of it because it’s always there when what you call your suffering is happening you don’t need those thoughts and emotions to stop that’s not what I want you to do just become aware of your awareness and just sit there you don’t need to try to accept what’s going on because you have already

Accepted it if you didn’t it wouldn’t be present just be you are this open space of awareness you are love love is just another word of who you are you are peace you are everything already nobody finds happiness and peace and love and worthiness they just become

Aware of what’s already been here they just become aware of who they already are and you will never find these things outside of yourself it’s already within you it’s already you so next time you catch yourself fighting or resisting thinking and emotions see if you can just become aware of that

Fact that you are aware become aware of your awareness and just sit there these thoughts and emotions are not you they come and they go and who you truly are stays practice this daily and constantly to discover that peace behind your suffering it’s always been there

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