The Past and Future are Just Thoughts They Don’t Exist. ( End Anxiety, Worrying, Shame Etc )

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Full Transcription:
Past and future only appear to exist within the illusions of the mind now before I get deeper into this I am not saying that things did not happen because they did happen but nothing has ever happened in the past or future it’s always happened in the moment in the now

Is the concept of the past and future useful yea of course it can be useful but it can also cause you a lot of suffering if you believe that it’s real you can suffer from the illusions let’s start off with the past those who suffer from depression 10 to

Hold on to the past they tend to suffer from shame or guilt or just constantly replaying scenarios that happened and looking at the situation with so much regret it can almost be paralyzing and can potentially and in most cases hold you back from moving forward

A lot of Doubt arises from the past if you failed at something in the past you will replay that failure in your mind when a similar situation presents itself and you will automatically give your power away to Dot usually taking no chance at whatever the challenge may be

To truly see the truth of what the past is you must accept and realize that it is all mental it’s not real memories for example are they useful yes did things happen yes but they didn’t happen in the past they happened in the now and you have

Memories of the now but memories are simply imaginary You have to imagine a memory meaning the mind has to create it meaning it’s not real what’s real is right now I like to use the way cameras and videos work when speaking about the topic of the past so when we take pictures or videos we are using the camera to capture the

Moment the present moment you can have this picture or videos for years and usually what we do is we say let’s look back at this video or picture I took in the past the truth is you didn’t take that picture in the past nothing can happen in the past because

Everything happens in the now nothing can happen outside of the present moment you weren’t in the past when you took that picture you were here in this very moment you just have a picture that captured that moment now once again can these concepts of past and future be useful yes but I’m

Trying to preach truth and truth only when you realize that the past and future doesn’t truly exist things like shame and guilt and regret and anxiety all the behind to diminish because you no longer believe in it you only believe that it’s real it’s a belief real life is found outside of the

Mind the mind is a filter over what’s real now the future we love talking about the future and planning for the future and unfortunately suffering from it also But realize that not once have you ever experienced the future nobody has ever experienced the future even if time travel exists those who

Travel through time still would not experience neither the past or future and let me explain what I mean by that let’s say I have a time machine and you come over to test it out but before you travel I give you a phone that allows us to communicate through

Time regardless of where you travel to so first realize that the past and future couldn’t be traveled to unless it exists right now meaning the past and future are happening all right now at once in this very moment so let’s say you want to go back to the

Year 2012 the moment you get there I say call me you now have arrived and you call me I am in the year 2023 and you are in 2012. but neither of us have laughed the present moment you are not in the past you are here and now we are on the phone

Right now in this very moment do you see what I mean I just want you to understand that we only have one moment which is now and how you don’t have to stress about the past or worry for the future instead use the ideas and the Illusions to grow not to suffer

Don’t look at your past and regret who you used to be instead realize how much you have grown realize that you needed to experience what you experienced to be who you are today life is truly about how you perceive things and it’s best to perceive with truth instead of ideas so instead of

Looking at the illusions of the past and future something real see the truth about it realize how this moment is truth when the Mind begins imagining things those are lies but sit back and allow the mind to create what it creates But realize that it’s literally not real

Because it’s not happening right now you have to accept the truth if you want to see it because it’s already here if you have doubt towards it constantly you may never realize it don’t allow dot which is another barrier you just transcend because it’s constantly lying don’t allow another illusion to stop you

From seeing the mind is full of Illusions it’s the father of Lies the past and future are simply just thoughts don’t separate the term thoughts and imaginations everything the Mind does is a thought thoughts are it like sentences and words it’s usually like images and mental movies playing out and there’s commentary

It’s important to know and understand the mind because I know how it feels when you are deeply in it when it feels so real that when you understand that the mind is able to create such an illusion like that it becomes easier to see through it will it be comfortable probably not but

Uncomfortable doesn’t mean bad it just is what it is and you as the Consciousness awareness that you truly are has the capacity to allow what is to be but also not identify or be affected by what’s being experienced funny thing is that you already have accepted what is because if you didn’t

You wouldn’t be experiencing it but as soon as the Mind comes and resistance arises but Consciousness also accepts the resistance you can be aware of the resistance to resistance you effortlessly aware of everything already so how does this help how does knowing that the past and future are just

Thoughts well when you realize that you step into your power because all of your power is here in the now all of your potential is here and now your future self is here and now because the future doesn’t exist later on in life it’s here you already are

What you desire to be you already have everything you want the very moment you think of it you have it already you are the key and it’s time for you to realize it it’s time for you to realize that life is a dream

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