The ONLY Thing You Need To Truly MANIFEST.

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Full Transcription:
Hello thank yourself for taking this time out of your day to learn something that will change your life something that will change the world around you actually now manifesting has been a confusing topic for many people because there are so many different techniques that people put out on the

Internet you have things like the three six nine method from Tesla you have the daily affirmations and you know all of the other ones are not saying these won’t work but there is honestly only one way to truly manifest to truly manifest in a very very small amount of

Time and you will be learning here today exactly how this can be done it’s very simple a candy difficult to do if you let your limiting beliefs get in the way so for the sake of this technique let go of what you think is possible let go of

What you think you know about manifesting and really listen so that you can embody this knowledge first things first when you hear people say you already have everything there is no lie in that statement you have everything you have been asking for you have the millions of dollars you have

The mindset you have the self-love and confidence the very moment you ask for something is the very moment you perceive it but it’s not here in this 3D physical reality but it has been created instantly in what some teachers call your Vortex The Vortex is where everything is manifested first and then

With practice and allowing it then makes its way here in this 3D reality to manifest so if you ask for a new car right now the very moment you ask for it you have it already it’s in your Vortex now and now you will learn how to manifest it

Hear the best way possible you have to understand you don’t really manifest what you think about you manifest what you are you see we only attract what we are not what we think we are so if you think you are abundant but you don’t feel abundant you will not

Manifest abundance you attract what you are the law of assumption is by far the best way to manifest because you are assuming you have whatever you desire to manifest and you are able to literally feel this manifestation right here right now we don’t really want these material

Things we want the emotion attached to it we want our manifestation because we think it will make us feel a certain way if you always felt happy and abundant and confident and whole you wouldn’t be so focused on wanting so much because you’re never in a state of lack you are everything already

But if you can bring those feelings from your desired meditation to this very moment then you will become a very powerful at manifestation and creating all it takes is for you to understand that you have everything already yes you may not be able to see it but it’s yours

Already vibrationally you can sit and use your imagination but imagine your manifestation as if you already have it create fake memories become so grateful for receiving it fantasize about it create mental movies about your manifestation and really embody those feelings really believe that you already have what you want because you really do

I promise you that you really already have it if you can believe in the things your anxiety tells you about the future and if you can believe all of these assumptions are overthinking and if you can believe these negative thoughts about yourself then that means you can also believe in something positive that

Means you can create something that you can’t see yet and truly believe that it’s here it is possible for everyone we all do this on a daily basis but we are just using our imagination to help us suffer the power we have within is so unexplainable we are here to create we

Are creators we have all created our own realities it doesn’t matter if you believe that or not it is the truth there are the type of people in this world one who believes he can’t do it and one who believes he can and they are both right

You have to at one point take full responsibility for your current life situation and once you do that that’s when you take your power back don’t blame your environment anymore or the people around you you created this and you can change it just realize that you are powerful and

Manifesting is easy for you you can bring those feelings from the future to this very moment and you can sit in those feelings with gratitude if you want a new car visualize everything about it as if you have it already you can feel the steering wheel

You can smell how it smell you can see the color and most importantly you can feel how it feels to have this car and then what you must do is release the idea of the manifestation and just feel the feeling drop the story and just feel you’re allowed to feel good just because

It feels cool to feel good remember you’re not in a state of lack because you already have what you want you don’t need to constantly ask for it why would you keep asking for something you already have if you can feel These Feelings by law everything you want that’s attached to

That feeling will come to you because that is the vibration you’ve been vibrating at causing those things to be attracted to you The Law of Attraction and law of assumption are pretty much the same thing but they are just explained a different way but don’t focus on what

They say about the law of attraction it’s basically just confirmation that the law of assumption works the laws of the universe are always working they aren’t working for you or against you they are just working that you can manipulate them to work for you but it’s up to you nobody is coming to

Save you you are responsible for your experience here on Earth so if you can believe in all of your limiting beliefs and fears so much take that power and put it into something you actually want and if you can stay in this assumption that you have what you

Want for three days without any doubt that you don’t have it it will manifest so fast and when it manifests here in this physical reality it won’t even shock you because you already knew you at it please if you would like do more research on the law of assumption look

Into people’s stories about this it’s very magical and we all hold the power to do this

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