The HUGE Mistake People Make when Meditating | How to Meditate

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Full Transcription:
You have been meditating the wrong way and this is why you aren’t seeing anything change for you so in this video i will be teaching you the correct way to meditate stop using guided and meditation music to meditate if you really want to dive deeper in meditation

Just find time to hear complete silence with zero distractions tip number two meditation is not something you do it’s not an activity this is what holds a lot of people back from going within to meditate you are simply just noticing that you are here noticing that you are breathing

Noticing that you are present tip number three stop trying to make your thoughts go away if you haven’t noticed already when you are trying to get rid of thoughts they just keep going you are not your thoughts so stop trying to control them just observe them like as if your thoughts were another

Person speaking and this leads me right into tip number four tip number four stop reacting are constantly reacting to everything that’s going on in your head while meditating to meditate you must not care at all about what’s going on once you change your reactions to your thoughts

That’s when you get your power back now if you would like to stick around for a couple minutes i will guide you through a small meditation i thought you said don’t do guided meditations well you need to know how to meditate first without them anyways let’s begin please close your eyes and get

Comfortable let’s take a deep breath together and really feel your inner body as the air enters and exits in Hold and release all the bs and negativity out of you do this one more time on your own and just observe no need to think about if you are doing it right just feel it you don’t need your mind to feel you are doing great now find something you can focus on

Throughout the rest of the meditation to turn back to if you get caught up in thoughts you can focus on your breath or you can just listen to your environment my favorite is to feel the inner body’s energy the key is to not react no matter what mental movies your mind is playing

Stop giving a damn and just let it run its course it will soon see you gave it no attention and go away now i will leave you to practice you got this i promise You

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