The END of Anxiety! ( How To Diminish Anxiety Effortlessly )

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Full Transcription:
Anxiety it feels so real doesn’t it it really does that uncomfortable sensation in the chest followed by those false stories of the Mind I know how that experience may be for you suffering from that a very familiar feeling for me and for years people suffer from this

Some may go their whole life not knowing what it’s like to be at peace and to diminish their anxiety simply because they haven’t noticed that deeper sense Within there is a deeper sense of self that is free from everything free from your anxiety from fear from experience itself

And once you can sense it you’ll begin to realize that this sense is actually what you truly are Now anxiety anxiety is Created from thoughts and imaginations that arise in the mind about what we call the future constantly and delusion creating fake scenarios about what may or may not happen and it can rise during very simple times such as going to the grocery store

Anxiety may rise once you’re on your way to the checkout line or saying hi to a stranger it’s just constant worrying and it’s keeping you away from reaching your full potential now you can go get medication for anxiety or go to Anxiety Relief classes but you truly don’t need

To all you have to do is connect with self your true self notice how when anxiety Rises there is an effortless awareness that is aware of what’s currently present if there wasn’t an awareness there would be no experience of anxiety you must inquire this awareness notice how that which is aware isn’t affected

By it it’s just aware Now your attention May begin getting pulled back into thought and that’s okay but just keep returning back to awareness instead of focusing on what’s Happening focus on the awareness that’s aware of it you have to genuinely be curious of it Even if questions arise asking how to do that notice the awareness behind that also Really see the power in this realization you are discovering something that isn’t affected by this external world it’s not affected by emotions in the body nor thoughts that come and go through the mind and this what you will come to see is yourself it’s what you truly are

The more you become aware of awareness the more you become aware of self this space will begin opening up in your experience where it will begin to feel as if things aren’t happening to you you’ll begin seeing everything is happening within you while not seeing you’ll sense this

Because nothing can truly happen to awareness nothing can happen to what’s real Nothing can and has ever happened to you this sense I speak of is not conceptual you cannot think about it or imagine it or even feel it it’s beyond the five sense perceptions it’s that which is aware of the five senses I guess you can call at your Sixth Sense

The reason things like anxiety and fear have such a power over us is because we have gave it too much of our attention the moment of thought arises our attention just gets pulled in it’s crazy actually we can be sitting in a room and begin panicking because of a

Thought and feeling and it’s so strong that we genuinely feel like whatever Story the mind is creating is actually happening but if you take a look at what’s going on outside of the Mind you’ll realize it’s a whole new dimension you can’t grasp what’s happening outside

Of the mind with the Mind remember real life isn’t found through what the mind creates the Mind created anxiety But anxiety isn’t real it only exists in the illusionary world of the Mind along with thousands of other things for example look around and begin labeling what you see you see a red cup

A TV your shoes the walls all of those labels are created from the mind now I want you to look around again but this time be completely ignorant to what you are aware of drop all labels and just experience everything as it is To labels we give things are simply just labels they truly mean nothing even if you go look at yourself in the mirror these vessels are empty there is nobody actually here your name is a label your life is just a story of the Mind and you’re not even the body look at

Your hands notice how something is aware of them it’s not the human or the eyes that are aware it’s awareness that’s aware if you put your hands behind your back you can still be aware of them the feeling of them and see that that which is aware isn’t

Attached or affected by whatever it’s aware of It’s a really an amazing realization definitely for those who just want to be free from themselves it’s what we all truly want we are getting tired of playing these characters and we try to find things in the external world to free us from it but you’ll never find it out here

Freedom is closer than Nanny thought than any sensation it’s already here just become aware of awareness and know to what you truly are if you want to be free from yourself you’ll need to accept that you never were who you thought to begin with you were never someone with anxiety your

Attention is just so fixated to that belief because you have identified with the body and mind you believe you think thoughts and you believe you do things but the truth is you aren’t affected by anything that’s going on you are pure awareness God Consciousness you are the

Awareness of thoughts not the thinker of them wherever attention goes energy flows this is why thought continues to rise and you are not the doer things are just happening and you are the awareness of it the only thing you truly have control over is attention if you constantly direct your attention

Back to awareness to self I promise you that your old habits and conditionings will begin falling apart fear goes away worrying anxiety and stress and peace Oneness and unconditional love will begin Rising make this your main focus

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