The Deep Spiritual Meaning Behind Self Love | Eye Opening Realization

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Full Transcription:
Self-love the very thing we all strive to have during our lifetime but for many reasons it’s very difficult in some cases To Love Yourself your insecurities get in the way your past mistakes and your beliefs about who you think you are get in the way you say your affirmations every day but

You still don’t feel like you genuinely love and accept yourself well I’ve found a new way to look at self-love and if you can understand this it will be very beneficial for you so when we say I love myself what does that really mean there is a very deep meaning behind this statement

I love myself if you break it down notice that there are two identities there I and the self who is I and who is the self they are not the same thing if I were to ask you to describe what I as you would probably attach it to your

Human form your perception of I is the person here I’ll draw a little illustration so that you can understand it a little more don’t laugh at me it’s just a sketch so I is not the self I is the Observer of the self its awareness it’s who you truly are

You are aware of your human character watching this video I am aware of myself watching this video are you catching on now you may be wondering well what is the eye it’s you it’s Consciousness awareness you are everything who you truly or is life itself so all of these limiting thoughts

And beliefs and insecurities have nothing to do with you you are simply just the awareness of them your thoughts and emotions were not always here but to you you have always been here and you can never change or leave so how does this tie back to self-love well look at it this way

You chose this character to experience life as a human and you are not the human because you’re a human form can change you can change this character’s beliefs and thoughts to anything you desire this is your character and you have the ability to treat yourself with love kindness and

Compassion why wouldn’t you treat yourself as if you were talking to a child if a child is going through something you tell them everything will be okay and there’s nothing to worry about if a child has negative thoughts about themselves you give them encouraging words to lift them up you have to take

Care of your human it’s yours but it’s not you I’m not trying to get you to dissociate I’m trying to get you to recognize who you truly are discovering this eye will bring you back to your peace and love when you talk to yourself who are you

Talking to do you notice what’s going on it’s you as in there talking to your human self it’s not the human talking to the human this is why talking to yourself is so powerful definitely once you realize who you really are so separate die from the self they are

Not the same thing here I will walk you through something really quick just so that you can experience what I am saying for now just become aware of what you hear don’t try to label what you are hearing just experience what it’s like to listen

Now if I asked who’s the one aware of this experience you would say I am so now that you have a sense of being aware become aware of that sense of awareness become aware of the one who is aware and it’s not the self you cannot experience this mentally so

Stop trying to figure it out just become aware of awareness that is who you truly are and you have always been here you never left you have never been alone behind every thought you are still here behind every emotion you are still here behind every traumatic experience you

Were still there because you are the Consciousness awareness of it and nothing can exist without you you are so much more than I can ever explain you are not your thought you are the awareness of them you are not the negative emotions because you are the awarenesses of them the one aware of

Them is not affected by it self-love from this place is a lot stronger and will last you 100 lifetimes you have to be your own best friend sometimes because nobody knows you better than you you have to understand that who you truly or is everything awareness is

Awareness and we all share that same awareness my sense of awareness isn’t different from yours we are all connected by this you are everything and everyone you are a God you are the Universe I know it’s a lot to wrap your head around but it’s such an eye-opening

Realization you are love and peace and confidence and joy I could go on and on and on and it still won’t be enough to describe who you are love yourself because you are all you got it’s okay to feel pain but it’s not okay to suffer take it easy on yourself understand that

You are responsible for your suffering nobody is making you suffer That’s Just an Illusion nobody has control over your emotions unless you allow them to you are responsible for your life and for the way you feel and you can decide to feel however you may want to feel

It’s all up to how much you allow yourself to if you would like to deepen this sense of who you truly are look into self-inquiry meditations I really hope you enjoyed this video take care and love yourself thank you Thank you

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