The Dark Side Of Enlightenment/ Spiritual Awakening That People Are Afraid To Talk About.

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Full Transcription:
Someone who is a vessel for truth I haven’t been talking and touching on all sides of enlightenment I’ve been so excited to have others realize what I’ve realized and maybe that comes from not wanting to be alone with this knowing I’m not sure don’t get me wrong Enlightenment or whatever you want to

Call it it’s great you know it is what it is but there is a dark side to it it wasn’t all love and light and I’d be wrong trying to promote only the positives of this realization and not talk about how up it actually can be

Nobody seems to talk about this sigh but I feel like it’s very important and I’ve fallen victimed to not talking about it as much but moving forward I will I had someone in the comments on a recent video asked me well once the illusion dies what’s next and what’s

Left why ruin the illusion what’s the point and while reading that it really did hit me I sat and wondered why I even wanted to be so-called enlightened for what why do I want to know that only I exist to know that everyone around me is just

Me to know that what I am is consciousness is just here and alone why do we think that Enlightenment is the key to everything we think once we are enlightened I won’t suffer and it’s true you won’t but you will still experience emotions you can be very sad

And cry still you can feel very alone because most of the time you are the only one who realizes all of this is BS and you’re just watching everyone around you either suffer or enjoy their illusions and you want them to know what you know

But at the same time you don’t want to put everyone through what you are going through we can all agree that the spiritual journey is not for the weak I always thought about how alone Jesus really was being the only one knowing the truth is very lonely but I think

Everyone who comes to this realization as this desire to share it because we don’t want to be alone with this knowledge we want everyone to realize what they truly are so that we can all come together and unfortunately the ones who speak about it are labeled crazy why is

It that The Crazy Ones always leave a legacy why is it that the one who think for themselves and the ones who go against Society always beat down they killed Jesus if someone like Jesus were to be in the media do you not realize how the

Media will paint them out to be someone saying I am God everyone would call him or her crazy nothing has changed everyone just wants to fit in with society and just goes along with the crown because it’s what’s comfortable and honestly I don’t blame them it’s like when we found out Santa

Doesn’t exist but we had to play around our siblings or other kids and act like he still does seeing how happy they are and seeing the Joy on their face why would you want to take that away but everyone around you is clueless and in a way you want to

Fall back into the illusion and this is where things get interesting because falling back into the illusion isn’t a bad thing and it took me some time to accept that but let me explain what I mean by falling back into it so you come to the realization of what

You truly are right and now it’s like what now there is nothing to do now but actually you cannot do anything there is a lot of power you will realize and it’s up to you to accept it and be responsible for it it sounds like a big

Responsibility and maybe it is it’s all how you want to perceive it but you have the key now you are the key to Creation meaning you can create the experience you want to experience you can create the illusion that you want to endure you don’t have to go back

Into the illusion of suffering you can create your heaven on Earth create the illusion you want to be in create the illusion you desire do not give up The Human Experience just because you’ve realized that you are not human I think Enlightenment is here for us to

Completely fall out of love with this reality to completely realize that it’s meaningless to see that it’s all an illusion I feel like that stage of Enlightenment is very important you’ll begin completely disconnecting from everything and maybe everyone just so that you can realize what you are do you

Realize how powerful that Foundation is that you are creating to know you are the source of it to know that nothing can exist without you but once you fall out of love with life falling back in love with it feels so good it’s a different emotion I really can’t explain it

You appreciate the little things like breathing and waking up you appreciate just being alive why does it take some crazy event for us to scream out I’m alive we go through life not even realizing you are alive do you see the problem with that we are always alive but we

Look for things in this material world that make us feel whole if you are alive you are whole there is nothing that can be taken away from you or something that can be added to you to make you more whole or less whole but if you are attached to the things

You perceive it can feel that way but just being alive is more than enough because you are literally everything moving forward all began being a lot more authentic when it comes to speaking about Enlightenment I never really talk about the downside of it so moving

Forward I will do so I don’t want others to feel alone on this journey and I don’t want others to feel like I’m always living in Bliss or being enlightened that’s just not realistic so I hope this made you all feel better about your journey trust me you are not

Alone with how you are feeling please feel free to comment below thank you I love you all

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