The Best Reaction Is NO Reaction ( Effortlessly Transcend The Mind & Body. VERY POWERFUL! )

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Full Transcription:
The best reaction is no reaction you see the very moment a thought arises or a feeling in the body Rises a reaction to do something about it appears right after and it’s such a habit that you don’t even realize that every single thought and emotion causes a reaction for you

You’re completely being thrown around by thoughts and emotions you’re an autopilot and you have no power I thought about the so-called future Rises and your attention get thrown right in the mix of it and because your attention directs energy the moment your attention latches on to those thought

More and more and more thoughts will rise and continue now you have one thousand different fake scenarios playing out in the mind and also one thousand different solutions also rise completely in delusion people call me delusional but don’t even realize they are a slave to a fake reality of the Mind

These mind attacks arise and it causes so much unnecessary suffering but there really is a very very simple way to transcend all of this it’s very simple but it will be uncomfortable and may be difficult to experience in the beginning And it’s simply to just not react to anything no reaction is the best reaction I’ll give you a scenario let’s say you are in your room alone and anxiety randomly Rises those thoughts comes and then those Sensations in the body Rises now usually few are unconscious enough or aware you

Fold directly into that pool of what’s appearing to happen and that current experience you identify with thoughts believing that you are thinking them you identify with those Sensations in the body and believing that you are them and now as a result of those to that fake scenario feels so real and it

Causes suffering now the only reason this appears to happen is because you gave all of your attention to it you began believing in it you reacted to it now if you didn’t react at all those thoughts would have just came they would realize oh we aren’t getting attention

Let’s just leave those emotions would have been able to pass through the body and not get stuck and you would have fell into a state of peace it’s like if a kid runs up to you and starts slapping you in the leg and yelling at you now this kid loves

Attention and if you give this kid attention he will notice that what he just did grabs your attention so if he ever wants your attention again he will do the same thing start seeing your habits and ego this way it knows how to get your attention because you trained

It and showed it how to get your attention now let’s say one day you just stop giving the kid attention he may actually begin getting more violent at first he may scream even louder than ever before he may hit you harder than ever before but if you don’t

React at all eventually he will realize well this isn’t working anymore I’ll just leave you no longer gave the kid your energy so naturally he will go away this works the same way Within if you stop reacting and giving so much energy to those thoughts they may begin

Spazzing out even more in the beginning they’ll start trying so hard to grab your attention but if you continue to not react they go away there’s no fuel left because those thoughts no longer have energy now you may be wondering well how the hell do I not react first realize that

It’s not an activity no reaction is literally no reaction you don’t resist you don’t try to get rid of anything you don’t try at all just be here you must release all efforts and trust your being to not react is to release effort it’s very important to know the nature

Of awareness the nature of what you truly are if you know the power you hold this process will begin showing you results very quickly know that awareness is a healing energy itself because it’s pure love you are pure love I say this because when you don’t react

And you just be you are more consciously in alignment with your being and everything that happens within it will begin healing itself when you are able to observe what’s going on with the body and mind without identifying with it without reacting to it you will heal it

This is why feeling your feelings is one of the most powerful healing things to do for the body because you’re literally directing healing energy you are directing God’s attention onto it and it naturally heals the emotions in the body are not able to flow and release This is possible for all of you if there is dot don’t react to it if there is a thought that’s saying well how do I do this this is too hard don’t react to it and this is not a mental activity don’t sit and keep reminding yourself don’t react don’t

React don’t react go directly to the experience of not reacting you may only be able to be in that state for a couple seconds in the beginning but just keep releasing effort this will be very scary for the ego and its programming meaning it will be uncomfortable for the body but you will

Soon realize that you are neither the body or mind when you begin not reacting it will become clear for you to see that you’re not even in control of what’s Happening you will clearly see that thoughts are just Rising on their own within consciousness you will see that emotions in the body

Just arises on their own and they leave on their own there is nobody here thinking thoughts randomly rise within you within Consciousness everything is just happening this realization will be very transformational for you it’s just life it’s life just flowing when we resist the flow of life that’s when we

Suffer that’s when we stress and worry and fear life is trying to flow through itself through you allowed to stop believing that you have to think about life to solve it you can’t solve a problem that’s not happening right now anyways realize that There is so much power and not reacting you’re literally taking your energy back from things that don’t serve you just be sit within yourself and allow the storm to come because it will always pass everything comes and goes but you you are always here you have never left

You as an awareness as in God consciousness become aware of that sense of awareness and stop reacting to these objects within awareness that comes and goes just stay with yourself deep with yourself you are peace you are boundless you are the Watcher of experiences not the victim of them

You are everything you are love itself you are like space not affected by what passes through it you’re just being Stop Believing in yourself with belief there is doubt know yourself and have no doubt about it

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