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Full Transcription:
You’re depressed you have anxiety you’re constantly stressed and fearful you’re dwelling in the past and worried about your future you just can’t seem to get out of your head well it’s only because your attention isn’t in the power of the present moment and what if i told you that you can let

All those things go by a simple switch in your awareness and you can do it right now here are the five best ways to enter the present moment number five breath awareness we are breathing all the time but a lot of us forget to pay attention to it sometimes do it right now

Notice that you are breathing feel the cool air come in and out of your body take deeper breaths doesn’t it feel good to breathe when you’re aware of it doing this will slow your heart down making you more calm and also it will slow down your thoughts and give you control over them

While you are breathing notice that you’re breathing right now in this very moment and stay here number four listening this is one of my favorite ways to enter the present moment because it’s so simple listen to your environment without judgment without trying to change anything and without labeling whatever you are hearing

You can choose one thing to listen to like a fan maybe or silence silence has a sound listen to it and that’s all just listen no thoughts are needed when thoughts arise just put your awareness back on the sound number three waiting for your next thought do this one right now it’s amazing

Simply just ask yourself what will my next thought be and wait for it your mind just went blank fun fact you can never know what your next thought will be because you are not your thoughts you can be in that state of no thought and presence all the time it’s just about practicing Number two focusing on movement you can do this one while washing dishes or brushing your teeth taking a shower pretty much anything that involves your body moving simply just feel and pay attention to how you’re moving your body keep your attention on the feeling of everything

Act as if you were just born into this body and you’re testing out this body you have treat life as a game just be curious without judgment inside of the present moment and finally my favorite one out of the five number one inner body awareness when you have some attention in the

Inner body it’s like you are a tree grounded into the present moment all this practice takes is just feeling you don’t need thoughts to feel you don’t need to think about how it feels close your eyes and ask yourself how do i know i have hands

Then go directly to the feeling of the life energy inside of your hands do this with your feet next and then with the rest of your body eventually you’ll be able to feel your whole body as one sensation instead of focusing really hard on the feeling just be curious and notice how

It feels and notice that your body is here now in this very moment practice this with your eyes closed at first once you get better you’ll be able to keep this awareness in the inner body with your eyes open 24 7 throughout the day everything you do today

Keep some awareness in the inner body this also doesn’t let you give your energy away for all my empaths out there your ego cannot survive in the present moment so it’s going to try its best to get your attention and keep you out of the present moment

But just notice thoughts and keep your awareness in the body soon they will slow down and disappear my challenge for you today is to be as present as you can today once you get a taste of the experience you won’t ever want to leave it thank you for watching make sure you

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