Surrendering Back Into The Body To Realize YOUR POWER! ( A Transformational Meditation )

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Full Transcription:
Please find a quiet and comfortable place for the next 20 minutes If your eyes aren’t closed please close them now For years most if not all of your attention has been focused on the mind and its filters over reality causing you to suffer from the stories it tells you constantly living in the illusions of the past or in fear of the illusion of the future completely blinding you from what’s real

Which is this very moment this moment cannot be grasped by the mind it can only be experienced just experience what is in this very moment without the mind no need to judge or label anything just be Because you may have given so much of your attention to the mind the mind will try to bring you back to it the moment you take your attention away from it it may begin panicking or creating fake scenarios or trying to figure out what’s next Don’t mind the Mind allowed to be see it and simply recognized that thoughts are simply just happening you aren’t thinking thoughts are just arising within Consciousness within you Instead direct your attention to the Life Energy in the body Begin by directing attention in your hands remember don’t think about it experience it go directly to the experience that confirms that sensation we label hands If the mind is active that’s okay that it be in the background your main focus is in your hands No need to search for a specific feeling however it is feeling as perfectly fine completely surrendered to it now you may feel a pulsing sensation Now I want you to realize that you as Consciousness has awareness are aware of this sensation meaning you cannot be that what you are aware of notice that this sensation is within you is within consciousness you are not the body the body is within you the human body is not aware

Awareness is aware of the human body let’s just say you are a space space is something you cannot see it’s boundless it’s always here and it’s never affected by what’s within it this is what Jesus meant when he would compare heaven to the sky he wasn’t saying Heaven is above us or

Some place we visit when we die he was trying to find a comparison to the nature of our being we have never left Heaven your attention is just directed to the hell that the mind creates but let’s use that comparison notice how the body is within space along with

Everything and everyone else cracked can you realize this now even non-physical things like emotions and thoughts arise within this space Nothing and I mean nothing can happen outside of it now let’s realize the nature of space it’s always been here and can never not be here it’s not affected by what’s going on within it it’s simply just allowing what is to be it accepts everything unconditionally it’s not

Throwing things out or trying to change anything you cannot imagine it nor can you create it because it’s already here you cannot wait for it you cannot leave it you can truly only be it be space be yourself And being yourself isn’t found through personality and ideas and labels if you have to think about yourself that’s not being that’s thinking yourself there are very few of us actually being ourselves our true selves well we are always being what very few are aware themselves is what I should say

So as the space that you truly are let’s continue the body scan from this Sita being do not identify with what’s within you you are space you are the subject not the objects within it foreign let go of the imagination of what you are you can’t imagine it you are already

This don’t look for a specific feelings however the body feels is how the body feels no need to change or look for some magical event to happen be here with what is this moment is already full Please direct attention to your feet now it may be subtle also there is no need to imagine the body parts that’s a very common thing that happens but see if you can drop that image and just experience that sensation to come completely ignorant to it don’t even label it feet

Just experience what is realize the boundless Darkness while your eyes are closed there is no beginning to it or an end there are no corners or edges it’s Limitless let your vision surrender to that while having attention on Sensations Now begin bringing that attention to both angles Then through the leg up to the knees Not to both thighs And now completely experience both legs realize they are within you you are not the legs Sink into the Life Energy within them and experience that pulsing sensation now begin experiencing your whole lower body it’s okay if it’s subtle you may not feel too much if you haven’t scan the body in a while but whatever is present is perfect Now bring it up to your stomach experience the movement of it rising and then falling No need to try to control your breathing breathing is happening on its own just watch as it happens within you within Consciousness within space Bring the attention up to the chest now experience the heart beating realize how it beats on its own see how it’s all just happening Bring your attention up to your neck now you may even feel like a knot there it can be pretty uncomfortable but don’t identify with it just allowed to be and see it Now to your shoulders and their arms Don’t forget your back Bring your attention to the head and face completely experience everything Now if you can experience the whole body as one sensation and continue to realize that this vessel is within you you are not the body you are simply just experiencing one don’t look or try to create a specific Feeling Just experience what is foreign Foreign To realize that you are not the body but at the same time the body is very powerful when you have a healthy connection with it most of us are afraid of the body because that’s where trauma is stored that’s where all that uncomfortable pain and energy is stored but if you truly

Want to heal and transcend those things you must pay attention to the body you see you as Consciousness or already enlightened or awakened it’s the body that’s doing the catching up it’s the body that is releasing old energies and going through these energetic shifts this is why this journey so painful

Because the body is the one going through a rebirth and to truly shift you have to have energetic shifts not mental ones this is why you can have all the knowledge in the world but still be confused you can have all the knowledge and teach these things but if they have never had

A true energy shifts within the body you would never truly experience what this knowledge is pointing to We have so much attention on the mind bring it back into the body you’ll be a lot more present and grounded within your vessel’s energy center meaning you’ll be in your own energy you have to fully surrender to this and don’t allow the doubt of the mind to

Take you away from it because it will try to bring your attention back don’t fight the mind just continue to bring your attention to the body instead no need to grasp a thought or wondering why certain thoughts keep arising the body is very intelligent and Powerful you don’t need to think about

Life all the time you thinking about life is the reason you aren’t living it thoughts about life isn’t life it’s just the thoughts about it and 99 of the time it isn’t true anyways it’s time to experience life Foreign

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