Suffering Doesn’t Exist Here…

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Full Transcription:
What’s wrong with me why is this happening to me when will this pain go away I’m so tired of being tired to those statements sound familiar to you do you relate to that kind of pain I used to be so curious to why I suffered I felt

Cursed for some reason it was like I had no room to feel good I was constantly uncomfortable and depressed but I always wondered why suffering for years and years at such a young age has sparked this fire and me to find all the answers to my wise and

If you’re watching this video you probably have or had those same questions about your life well what if I told you that there is a place we all can experience and suffering doesn’t exist there and you don’t even have to leave your house to get there

The first thing you must become aware of to reach this place is to notice that you are not your thoughts the only reason why we suffer is because we believe every single thought that pops up in our heads and we also identify with that voice but how could

You possibly be something if you are the Observer of it you see you cannot be anything and I mean anything you can observe because you are the one observing thoughts come and go when they change and who you truly are can never leave and can never change

Yes that’s right you cannot change you can change your human character but to you cannot change but you will be the one observing your human character change anyways knowing that you are not your thoughts alone will end a lot of your suffering we don’t suffer from reality

We suffer from our imaginations when we are dwelling and suffering from our past it’s just the thoughts about the past that we suffer from because if you stop and look around nothing is happening and this fact applies to being anxious and fearful about the future as well

It’s all in your head the concept of the past and future only exist in your head if you’re constantly living life in your head you are living life you’re just surviving you are living in a false reality if you ask me living in your head is what hell is it’s the only place

Where suffering exists because when you can reach this place of no suffering thoughts don’t exist here and this place is the present moment and we can never truly leave it it will always be right now it’s just that your awareness is in Hell your awareness is so focused on thoughts

When you are here in this very moment thoughts and suffering no longer exist have you noticed that when we were kids even if something bad was happening around us somehow someway we were always able to let go and still be joyful even if your childhood wasn’t so great it

Didn’t feel so bad in the moment but when you look back on it you feel bad well that’s because as kids we didn’t live in our heads we were always present we were always focused on nah we didn’t care about the thoughts in our head we aren’t supposed to be here to suffer

Living in our heads was subconsciously taught to us and we became addicted to thinking we became so addicted that we even started to identify ourselves with thoughts causes us to be depressed causing us to have fear and anxiety and to constantly overthink and ruminate I understand how

Uncomfortable and exhausting it is to be at war with that voice in your head but giving it so much attention is exactly what it wants you are destroying yourself without even noticing it people have become slaves to the mind and you will never be free until you break out

Of that trap of thinking they make it seem like we are free but if you are a trap in your head are you really free you are being controlled by limiting beliefs and false perspectives that your environment and Society has placed inside of your head but Freedom does

Exist in the present moment wouldn’t it feel nice to just never worry about anything wouldn’t feel good to not fear the future or regret and feel shameful of your past to just be at peace and to feel Joy and love running through your body to feel confident in your decisions and

Safe inside of your own body to be yourself one hundred percent without needing to apologize well if you can get here in this present moment you will be able to experience that judgment doesn’t exist here the need for things to change don’t exist here suffering cannot exist in this very

Moment it’s only your thoughts about whatever is present that makes you suffer you still exist without thoughts you are a lot more closer to who you truly are when you are not thinking to reach this experience there are many ways to get here you can meditate and

Focus on your breath or focus on whatever you are hearing but you have to have all of your attention placed on whatever you are focusing on I want you to do this exercise really quick look at your hands right now don’t judge them don’t think about them

Just observe them now feel them you don’t need thoughts to feel if you start thinking about how to feel notice how you can’t feel a thought you feel by just feeling how do you know you have hands without answering it mentally or with words prove to yourself that you have hands

And it’s not because you can see them close your eyes and feel that Life Energy in your hands if thoughts rise let them stay in the background your main focus is on that sensation you feel and notice that you are feeling them right now in this very moment observe this experience You can open your eyes if all of your attention is placed within your hands notice how you were at thinking and you still were existing your life didn’t fall apart while you were present you were just free from everything it was just you observing a sensation

So my advice to you is to be more present I mean you are already here so you should pay attention to it look into how to be present more give up the identification with your thoughts you deserve to be free we all do and all it takes is to have control over your

Attention and awareness it won’t happen overnight this is a process your mind likes to go back to what’s familiar so this takes practice but I know if I can do it so can anyone else thank you so much for watching

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