STOP Trying To Be Happy! ( Don’t Seek For Feelings! End Suffering, Depression, Stress Etc )

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Full Transcription:
It’s important to understand happiness it’s something we all Chase in life but what we really should be seeking for is peace you see happiness is just like any other emotion comes and goes and it’s usually a result of something appearing to happen in the external that triggers this emotions of happiness

For example you’re happy when something goes right for you or when you see someone but that happiness doesn’t last forever nobody is happy all the time happiest is pushed out to society as if it’s something you can have forever but in fact if you are chasing happiness it

Will drain you simply because you will dread those moments when you aren’t happy You won’t be able to be okay with feeling other emotions it’s either you’re happy or you’re not and that’s a stressful way to live what you truly should be seeking for is peace peace is behind everything peace is behind those uncomfortable feelings peace is behind the external world and

All experience peace stands alone and isn’t affected by what’s appearing Even when the body is feeling sad you can choose peace when the body is feeling anger you can choose peace because peace is behind all that it’s behind the story or I am or I am mad The difference between peace and happiness is that peace isn’t a sensation it isn’t a feeling it’s more of a sense it’s like this sense of everything is truly okay it’s behind those feelings and it’s always here if you are on this spiritual journey this is one of the amazing benefits you

Get to realize during your Awakening you’ll get to experience Everlasting peace regardless of what’s appearing to happen we’ll always have this sense of everything is okay so worry and many other things begin to diminish You have to see happiness as just another emotion don’t get attached to it because you will suffer whenever it’s not present emotions are like weather dark clouds rise it rains and then the Sun comes out they cycle because they can’t last forever you can either suffer every time

It rains or you can stand in it with the knowing that it won’t last that’s what peace allows you to experience it allows you to open your arms in the rain and be okay with it you cannot be attached to feelings they don’t mean anything unless you want them

To how you feel doesn’t matter what thoughts arise don’t matter I’m just speaking about when it comes to what I am pointing to when I say those things don’t matter because what I am pointing to isn’t touched or reflected by neither feelings or thoughts it’s just aware and forever

At peace with itself and what arises See the feelings and thoughts you are experiencing is just a story your emotions and thoughts are constantly telling a story you can completely fall into it and believe it to be true causing you to suffer or you can step back from it and realize that it’s all just a story

That it’s all just a dream I understand how real it feels but dreams feel real in the moment also but they only feel real because you have been taught to believe that reality is based off feelings and thoughts when in fact what really exists outside of both of those

You feel and think in dreams but when you wake up you realize it wasn’t real you realize it ultimately didn’t mean anything well this is also a dream Consciousness is dreaming and what you truly are is consciousness Consciousness is peace Consciousness is love Consciousness is God and we are all this one consciousness

Now don’t go adding I am Consciousness to your belief system it’s not something for the mind to understand you can only see this to be true now you may be asking well how do I reach peace or how do I experience this well first know that when you are

Suffering or worrying or doubting yourself or when you are feeling like you aren’t enough that’s the ego that’s the false self that is the false reality that you have unfortunately been believing to be real constantly become aware of that when these situations are present constantly realize that your attention is on the

Mind’s false reality the moment you are able to see this then shift your awareness to that which isn’t the Mind presence a place the Mind cannot survive in know that the Mind cannot comprehend presence so don’t think about it you can’t create it you can’t imagine it

Because it’s already here you can only be it you can only be presence Leave the Mind behind and truly experience whatever right now is for you remember it’s not a feeling drop your expectations of what it should be or how it should feel it’s not happiness it’s behind all experience just be here create a loving relationship with the present you only suffer because you unconsciously reject

It all your power is here peace is here Love is Here your potential is here and most importantly you are here

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