Stop Giving A Fu*k | A Meditation For The Real People

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Full Transcription:
Welcome to this meditation i’m guessing you came here because you just don’t want to give a [ __ ] anymore why you beautiful [ __ ] human you clicked on the right video so get comfortable and prepare to let out all this [ __ ] fade away from your reality take a nice deep [ __ ] lovely breath

Doesn’t that feel good keep deep breathing until i say to stop with every breath let your body relax [Laughter] okay let your breathing be natural now let’s begin you care too much why giving a [ __ ] has been [ __ ] your life up you care about how others feel

You care about how they feel about you you care about what people think and doing that has never [ __ ] helped you in any way but it’s okay because now you no longer give a damn say it with me i don’t give hate [ __ ] this isn’t coming from the ego though

This i don’t care mindset comes from the heart you’re doing what will make you happy and that’s all that matters just let all the [ __ ] go it’s not doing you any good [ __ ] it You’ll feel so free and happy when you no longer care and don’t feel guilty about this and think people are going to think this way about me you know what i’m going to say [ __ ] it it is what it is Honestly though it’s weird how the universe works though once you truly stop giving a [ __ ] you start to get everything you always wanted and wouldn’t that be nice if you just stopped letting should affect you by not giving a [ __ ] and everything just gets handed to you it’s a real life cheat code Breath deeply again i mean breathe damn it i messed up but i don’t give a [ __ ] and neither do you we can be that i don’t give a [ __ ] friends my best advice is to to only care about things that make you feel good and don’t

Care about the things that make you feel bad if you’re sad don’t make it worse trying to figure out why you’re so sad except that you are sad say well [ __ ] it i’m sad right now you are adding so much resistance to feeling your feelings when you stress about them [ __ ] it

Feelings come and go if you adopt this lovely habit of not giving a [ __ ] i promise life will be so much more enjoyable almost instantly now for the next five minutes i want you to stop giving a [ __ ] stop giving a [ __ ] about the random thoughts that pop up in your head

No matter what it is [ __ ] it you don’t care don’t try to change them or get rid of them just let them be because you don’t give a damn feel those feelings without judgment or a need to change them also let everything just be it is what it is

You’re doing a great [ __ ] job you are so powerful [Laughter] so So You

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