STOP & Drop ALL Beliefs!!( Extremely Powerful, Ending Suffering and Illusions )

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Full Transcription:
Real transformation begins to happen once you begin inquiring and transcending the belief system your belief system holds back all of your potential truly I mean really look at it the Mind believes you aren’t already what you seek for The Mind believes you need to find something it believes you are the body and the mind Etc once you actually sit and observe these beliefs that arise you’ll begin to see why your reality is shaped the way it is You see beliefs are simply just a collection of thoughts that arise constantly there’s truly no such thing as a belief system It’s just a collection of thoughts that are rising on a daily basis usually but this illusionary system has been built up over time throughout your life experience and if you don’t realize how powerful this system you’ll forever be limited to it it’s so powerful that it has convinced

You that you are something you are not it’s amazing if you really look at it like that it’s made you believe you are thought the body your voice your opinions it can make you believe you aren’t enough power of the ego should not be overlooked but I’m pretty sure by now

You are aware of that The moment you decide that you no longer want to run off your beliefs the door to a Liberation begins to open you will now have the key to the door to Awakening Because the only thing left now is the truth and that will begin arising but you must constantly see when a certain belief arises and note that it’s just a belief it’s not true for example seeking will truly end once you realize seeking is just a belief you

Believe you need to watch 30 more videos to awaken you believe you aren’t enough right now you believe there is something wrong with this very moment but none of that is true it’s all just the mind doing mind things you only seek knowledge because you believe it will get you closer to something And of course seeking is helpful but it shouldn’t last for years and years some people are on this journey for decades simply because they don’t realize that it’s the mind that is seeking and not them they don’t realize that they can’t find what they are looking for because they

Don’t realize they’re already looking from it it’s here in this very moment However you are experiencing this moment disuse it but like I said if you have a belief of what it should look or feel like you won’t notice it if you believe that the mind can realize this you won’t realize it For example the Mind cannot comprehend the present moment you can believe that it can all you want but it truly can’t you can’t imagine the present you can’t create it it’s already here and it can only be experienced constantly say out loud the Mind cannot be present and then go directly into the

Experience of now don’t think just be Disbelief system has to be seen through there is a belief of Separation you only believe in separation because it truly doesn’t exist Once you get rid of the belief that I am a body and the belief of I am the Mind you’ll then realize oh why I’m everything you are literally everything now when I say you are at the body and mind yes you aren’t at the core of your

Being you are not the body and mine but at the same time you are everything or should I say everything is you because I can’t say separation doesn’t exist but then you aren’t the body I’ll give you an example The ocean for example the Waters of the ocean can say I am not the fish within me but can also say but the fish within me are me because everything in the ocean ultimately is the ocean waters these things that exist within us can’t exist without us but we can exist

Without them the body and mind cannot exist without what we truly are but we can exist without them there are human bodies that have it manifested here yet but what they truly are which is what we all truly are as one is already here I hope that makes sense I

Don’t want the mind to get confused but if you are experiencing what I am pointing to we’ll just connect and you understand what I’m talking about you just sit and ask yourself questions or even just sit and wait for things to rise and you confirm that oh that’s just

A belief of the mind it’s not me and it’s not true and don’t look for confirmation from the mind that’s just another belief so if the belief of I am thinking Rises realize that’s just the mind without using the mind Believing you need to care about what others think about you it’s just a belief realize that ask yourself would I choose these beliefs if I had a choice 99 of the time it’s a no it’s best to not really operate off beliefs definitely Eli if you are in

This path I wouldn’t even recommend you to believe in yourself because with belief there is doubt I’d rather you truly know yourself so that it’s certain know what you truly are there is no belief or doubt in truth in knowing

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