Stop Being Afraid Of Thoughts. This Is How! (End Fear Of The Future, Overthinking, Anxiety Etc)

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Full Transcription:
Why isn’t the fear of thoughts not talked about enough I believe it’s because a lot of us may not even realize that we have that fear it’s something over thinkers battle with people with anxiety etc etc even those who know their power are scared of thoughts because they are

Afraid that what they are thinking may come true getting over the fear of thoughts could honestly be the solution to many many psychological challenges so in this video I will explain to you how to not be afraid and also why not to be afraid So what are thoughts I honestly don’t have a clue I mean nobody does we can’t cut a brain open and find a thought it has a form but it’s not physical you can’t locate a thought and on top of all of that nobody is even thinking thoughts they are just Rising within us

On the spiritual journey one of the first things you will hear a lot of people say is you are not your thoughts and that because you are not your thoughts this has been one of the more challenging realizations to have along this journey but it is actually very simple You just have to realize that the truth is the truth regardless of the situation or regardless of the thoughts that arise they are not you because you are the awareness of them thoughts come and go and what you truly are is always here thoughts change in

What you truly are is always the same do not fall into the Trap of believing that you are the positive thoughts and just not the negative ones positive and negative are just more thoughts that label them and judge themselves see all thoughts as just thoughts they mean nothing until you give them your

Attention and energy so how do we begin making this shift to not being affected by thoughts well I will give you the best way to realize you are not your thoughts and the best way to see that thoughts are meaningless and I want you to realize this now once I begin saying it

What if you woke up one day and all of your thoughts were rising in a different language They wouldn’t have any power over you because you can’t give them any meaning because you don’t know what they are saying it’s just knows and you would probably perceive them as not being you so for a couple seconds I want you to forget about language drop all meaning

To language if thoughts rise just be here no matter what’s Rising just be without knowing anything and if you’re asking well how do I just forget well don’t try to because it’s effortless don’t try to do anything just be here and be completely ignorant drop all knowledge of everything you

Have learned just for now you know nothing at all you can look around but don’t label anything because you know nothing please participate in this I will give you 30 seconds Thank you now if you are new to this you may have had thoughts that were trying to figure out what to do but if you were just being those thoughts shouldn’t have had any pull on your attention the present moment now for the rest of the video Forget

About language you will realize that the brain will automatically take and the information you need you don’t have to try to understand what I am saying just be here with sound if you can be here and just aware that deeper Part of Yourself what you truly are will begin Rising that part will

Begin listening without mind activity and this is how you can begin having energetic shifts you see spirituality and the process of raising Consciousness isn’t achieved from a mental understanding it’s pretty much all energetic yes having the knowledge helps you but if you don’t actually realize what the knowledge is pointing to nothing will

Shift for you so as you are constantly repeating I am not my thought I am not my thoughts and you’re confused on why in your day-to-day experience you still perceive them as you it’s because you haven’t actually realized it yet you have to see truth through experience

No concept no thought will be the truth those are just to point you to the truth so another major and important practice you can do to realize that you are not your thoughts and that you don’t need to be afraid of them as through meditation now people make meditation seem so

Difficult they said be mindful and observe to this hand thing with your fingers count your breaths and yes those can work but in my experience I’ve found that doing nothing at all is the correct way to meditate you see meditation isn’t something you do it’s something that is happening and

You are aware of it there is no doing involved in meditation in anything actually remember that practice we did earlier where you knew nothing sit in that same state when meditating know nothing be nothing just be and it’s effortless the more and more you can be in that state you will start

To notice that thoughts began to feel distant as if they aren’t so personal anymore and in your face screaming at you you’ll begin to realize that why I’m not my thoughts and I don’t have the control I always thought I had over them you do not control your thoughts there

Is a will to think but it isn’t free once you can accept that control is an illusion you will see that there is no reason to be scared of thoughts you being scared of them is the only reason why they keep arising because you’re giving them so much attention and energy

But at the same time you are afraid of letting those thoughts go it’s like you are afraid of thinking something will happen and you’re afraid that if you let it go it will still happen and you won’t be prepared for it see how that just traps you you have

Nowhere to go and you’re probably constantly second guessing everything life will always take care of Life yes your thoughts and emotions do create your reality and it is possible that you can attract things you don’t want but we definitely have some leeway when it comes to the bizarre negative stories

That the mind creates to cause most of the time we may not actually believe something will happen we just don’t like thinking about it well we don’t like giving it attention and reacting to it because we aren’t actually afraid of anything happening we just don’t like to feel uncomfortable

So for now on stop reacting so much to everything that arises and the best reaction is no reaction meditate and take moments to be completely ignorant of everything no nothing and just be thank you I love you all

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