Spiritual Traps That Keep You From Enlightenment and Liberation! Don’t Get STUCK!

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Full Transcription:
As the so-called spiritual Community begins to grow more and more teachers will also come everyone’s intentions may be to genuinely help others but some people may also steer you into spiritual traps which will keep you from fully reaching your full potential and also making things a lot more confusing than they

Need to be so I will share a couple things you should look out for I personally have fallen into some of these traps early on and it’s not a good place to be stuck in the first and probably one of the most important things you need to understand

About spirituality is that there is no personality or lifestyle you need to live to be spiritual or to reach Enlightenment and liberation for example some people think that they have to be nice all the time and they have to be the one who brings peace to every environment but that is not true

You are allowed to express your anger and set strong boundaries you are allowed to stick up for yourself in any way that may be if you consider yourself spiritual and you happen to come across a situation where conflict is present and the person you are arguing with

Decides to throw a punch at you you don’t have to go into a meditative state in the middle of a fight defend yourself yes conflict like that is less likely to happen but it still can happen you don’t have to be this happy person and caring person all day every day look at

Spirituality as a way to become the most authentic verse version of yourself if you decide to go among mode and focus on meditation your whole life that is fine too that there is no certain way you need to be while you’re on this journey adding those labels to who you

Think you need to be you will limit you and that’s not true freedom so be you don’t let people tell you how you need to be yes you will be a lot more peaceful but you will also be grounded in your energy and you have every right to have strong boundaries to

Protect your energy the second trap that pretty much everyone will fall into including myself is seeking for something if you are seeking for something you are stuck in the illusion that there is something else you need to find if you sit and meditate and you are

Trying to reach a certain state or you are seeking to quiet the mind it will never happen and there is be so much resistance to what is when we hear others speak about Enlightenment and Liberation we automatically began to think about how nice it would be to get there to find

What they have found but it’s not this super magical experience that you may think it is yes it’s an amazing life-changing realization but once you actually realize that you will begin to see that everything you were looking for was already here and that it’s always been just this look

Around how could there be something else at this very moment ask yourself what are you looking for why do you want to be enlightened or liberated if it’s to not feel a certain way while feelings don’t just disappear forever you will still experience sadness anger Etc if

You don’t want to feel feelings you are simply trying to become numb and the life without emotions sounds pretty Dar notice that you are afraid of feeling uncomfortable feelings that is something you must learn to love if you truly want to be free you must realize that everything that

Rises is exactly what you have been looking for everything is God everything is consciousness everything is you already the pain the thoughts the uncomfortable emotions it’s all God and knowing this will allow you to experience true unconditional love this will allow you to see that there is

And has never been no such thing as separation and that leads me into the third trap in the beginning of our Journeys a lot of us learn it to become aware of our awareness which allows us to see that we are not our thoughts and we are not the body

It allows us to see that what we truly are is this pure awareness and I myself taught this in the beginning but eventually you must dissolve The Observer illusion also that is not the last step yes knowing this is one hundred percent necessary so don’t believe that it was a waste of time

Doing so but when you become aware of your awareness you are implying that there is something separate from who you are you will believe that there is this body and mind and then there is me as Consciousness but the true realization comes when you bring everything back

Together and you realize that there is only just Consciousness there is no self and there has never been a self this is why I say you don’t exist you exist but not as what you think you are you exist as everything and everyone to cause separation doesn’t exist

Everything is you and you are everything we are all one there is not you in the body you cannot find yourself in the body if you believe you are in the chest or behind the eyes just realize that it’s only a sensation and you just chose to identify yourself

With a sensation to we truly or cannot be located we Have No Boundaries we have no Center it only feels this way because those sensations of the body are so contracted and they feel so personal but soon those Sensations will become lighter and lighter and you will begin

To feel as if you are more than just the body you will begin feeling like everything and everyone around you this is what happens when you are on drugs those Body Sensations domination you feel free your body feels liberated and you have no resistance to what is

If you are still in the illusion of Separation stage I personally would recommend looking into non-duality but do what feels right for you if you are still experimenting with becoming awareness continue to do so but just know that isn’t the last step and the fourth trap to look out for is

Thinking that you can shift intellectually if you believe that if you can understand everything then you will shift and you are going to be searching for answers your whole life you can have all the knowledge in the world and still be right where you are realizations and shifts have nothing to

Do with the mind realizations are energetic they are known through experiences don’t think you are closer to shifting or far away from it because everything you are looking for is already here you can’t get closer too far away from something you already are to something that has never changed

And if you are wondering how to shift energetically my advice would be to begin listening to these teaching with the body and not the mind let your being listen instead of you trying to understand what’s being said also take the time to inquire what you have learned if I told you that you

Don’t exist don’t just believe me because I said so go and try to see that to be true through experience look to see if you can find this self it’s more about what you can’t find than what you can find you can find a boundary to

Sensations you can’t find a self in the body you have to experience these things to truly know them to be true no words or thought can truly Express what we are the truth is in experiences watch out for these spiritual traps and catch yourself if you feel yourself

Falling into them if you have any more things people should look out for feel free to comment below thank you all for watching

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