Self Love Guided Meditation | Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Videos by @YourHigherSelf_ – These vids have been fresh water to my thirst. Listen and enjoy.

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Full Transcription:
Hello and welcome to this powerful self-love guided meditation please get comfortable either laying down or sitting up let’s begin please take a couple deep breaths now having self-love is one of the most powerful things to have and a lot of us are missing that and it’s okay because

You are proving to yourself that you do love yourself by taking time out of your day for this meditation we may lose this sense of self-love from our childhood traumas from constantly comparing yourself or from a relationship even there are many ways to steer Us in the wrong direction

To truly enjoy life you have to learn how to love yourself unconditionally once you realize how special and unique you are you everything will change for you you are the only one who understands you you are the only one who can be there for yourself all the time

But for some reason you are so hard on yourself you aren’t kind to yourself as much as you are for others you deserve that same love you give to others for yourself that’s where the love should go first you see comparing yourself to others is the number one killer for confidence and self-love

You are enough you are worthy you can’t live your life and yourself if you are constantly worried and focused on others you want what they have you want the confidence and the money you want their lifestyle well you can have it all but you will never have it if you’re focused

On comparing you life to others you are putting yourself in a state of lack you are sad or angry because you don’t have something that you really do already have it you just don’t take any time to look within to find it please for the remainder of this

Mediation keep your awareness on the heart breathe in and out from the heart also have a slight smile on your face I will be affirming a couple affirmations and I want you to listen to this with your heart say thank you after every affirmation let’s begin I am enough because I say I am enough I don’t need anyone else to tell me that my true nature is love I am love The more I feel my body the more safe I feel in my body I validate myself how someone else feels about me has nothing to do with me foreign to feel good just because it feels go to feel good my heart is pumping so much self-love

And self-trust right now I can feel it My body is filling up with this loving light White Energy I want you to continue to breathe from your heart feel this loving light energy it’s all within you Foreign foreign Foreign Foreign [Laughter] foreign Foreign Foreign foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign foreign Foreign You may open your eyes now just because your eyes are open doesn’t mean you have to stop meditating thank you

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