Seeking Enlightenment Is A Waste Of Time!

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Full Transcription:
It doesn’t matter if you are on a spiritual journey or not we are all seeking for happiness in some way we are all seeking this enlightened State hoping that it will solve everything but I promise you to seek for enlightenment is a waste of time but let me explain what I mean

First what is Enlightenment Enlightenment is this state of Oneness it’s being and knowing of your true nature The Knowing of non-duality and being one with everything you can clearly experience that there is nothing else but Oneness you see that separation doesn’t exist and that is has never existed that’s

Just the illusion that we have come to believe there are really no words to truly decide the experience because only the experience brings true knowing it sounds magical doesn’t it and yes in a way it is but everyone thinks when you become enlightened all of your so-called challenges and problems go away they

Think I will never ever have to feel pain again I will never have to feel anger and sadness or whatever it may be but that’s not true at all you are still going to experience emotions that’s just a part of The Human Experience being emotionless sounds numbing and boring no

Joy no excitement no love that’s a very boring life emotion is what makes life enjoyable they also believe that you will never have a thought again the goal is to never get rid of thoughts that message has been being perceived the wrong way in the spiritual community

Everyone just wants to have a clear mind 24 7 but that’s just not possible because we have no control over thoughts they just happen the goal is to be okay with thoughts so okay with them that you completely lose interest in what they have to say they

Will just be in the background and they won’t affect you at all I understand why we all are seeking this state but we shouldn’t be looking for something that is already here you are literally looking for something that you will never find because this is

All there is you cannot get closer to it or go farther away from it because it’s always been here everything is already what you have been seeking for this is why non-duality teaching and Oneness is so important to understand because everything that arises and experiences what we are looking for what makes you

Think that there is something other than this there is nothing else see the pain and thoughts that arise as a part of this Liberation you are looking for if everything is consciousness or God you have to see everything that weigh then first you have to accept that to be

The truth you must believe it before you experience it because you still believe that there is separation but there isn’t and there has never been that’s the illusion that you need to break free from you are Consciousness and the only thing that is happening is consciousness to

Cure this for a second let’s say you just put on your VR headset you can see your VR character in The VR game the hands the feet the face you can see this virtual world where your character is existing in everything around you is a part of this virtual world every landscape every

Other character everything inside of this game is a part of that reality as one it’s all one thing there may appear to be separation but it’s all the same now you know that you just put on that VR headset so you are aware of the fact that that reality

Isn’t even real it’s just what you are perceiving and experiencing but it’s not real you’re not just the character in the game you’re not just the landscapes in the game you are the game you literally are life you don’t have a life you are at no it’s the same thing with the headset

Off this is all just a game and things are happening while we just experience it thoughts are happening you watching this video is just happening it’s all just happening there is this need to get to the future but it doesn’t exist you want to be enlightened or free but you are

Resisting what is this is all there is let go of the belief that there is something better than what is you can never get to a place if it isn’t happening right now already it’s just no possible as much as you want this and that if it’s not happening already then

It’s just not happening but trust me this is enough once you truly experience what I’m saying you’re going to say why everything I was seeking was here all along and has never left it’s always been just this so what should be your next step first you need to understand and begin to remind

Yourself that separation does not exist and it has never existed that is the truth you have to believe it before you begin to experience this that’s the only way to get to that knowing if you keep denying that you will be stuck seeking understand that everything that arises Rises as Oneness as God

I would also begin integrating your emotions the only reason why you feel separation is because you have so much resistance to what is and separation feels so uncomfortable that we run away from it what I mean is to constantly feel your emotions constantly become curious and invested into feeling your

Feeling see what you have been running away from your whole life feel your fear and anxiety you can’t focus on it with the intentions of trying to make it go away be curious be one with it and know that even this is God know that this is

What I have been looking for so why would I resist it yes it may be uncomfortable but uncomfort is God too and there is no you to be uncomfortable nothing is happening to you things are just happening inquiry that with everything notice how you aren’t sad you are experiencing

Sadness happening you are afraid you are experiencing fear happening you aren’t overthinking you are experiencing overthinking happening and it’s happening to no one It’s Just Happening you as this character do not exits and you never have remember that just the illusion Illusions appear real but they aren’t and they never have been

So stop seeking ask yourself why do I want Enlightenment and why do I want to be liberated and if it’s to run away from feeling a certain way understand that all of those feelings are exactly what you are seeking for because once again everything is God everything and everyone are one disuse

It look around how could it be something else if you would life more information in this look into non-duality and looking into Oneness you will find it very very comforting I hope thank you for watching

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