Everything in the universe has the same plan. It is inescapable. Everything has a sunrise (birth/genesis), high noon (zenith/peak), sunset (beyond peak/downturn), and nightfall (death/darkness). Every cell, every organism, every creature, every rock … there’s no escaping it.

In the same way, we have our seasons. Spring – new outlook, Summer – brighter days, Fall – start of the decline, and Winter – the end of the cycle, the cold and lifeless crops. In another view, in the spring the flowers begin to bloom, then comes the harvest and the warm days of summer, then things begin to fall into darkness … cold temperatures, until the trees and plants die and await their resurrection.

Our emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental Life experiences are exactly the same. Our Life cycle is as the sunrise, noon, sunset, and night. Our trials and tribulations are also as the seasons. Sometimes a bright and warm outlook or event, and sometimes a dark outlook or event. All is in flux. All is in a state of change. And all is in a cycle. This is important to remember as you deal with daily issues in Life.

We know that after the storm(s), comes a clearing, and then the Sun of God reappears to give Life to all that made it through the tempest(s). When we have a “bad” day, just simply KNOW there is a good day coming. It is immutable Law. It must be this way. The universe maintains balance in all that occurs. Sound waves, light waves, ocean waves, even roller coasters go up, and they go down. Ebb and flow, waves and particles. There is no straight line. However, you can master living your Life experience by being good when things are good, and by being good when things are not so good.

You can straighten the lines, curves, and waves; through your perception and your attitude. Instead of blind faith, live in the knowingness of the immutable Laws of the universe that are eternal. Cause and effect, vibration, frequency, polarity … these Laws balance the scales of justice across the celestial kingdoms.

We have the power of all the universe within us to perceive things as we wish, to create things as we wish, to adhere to the Laws, or to transgress them. We are literally here for a season in human terms. And we choose to make the best or the worst of things simply by how we think, and how we perceive reality.

You know that feeling you have after a rough winter of snow, ice, lost productivity, and freezing temperatures … and then spring begins to arrive? Then soon … you’re at the beach playing with family and friends enjoying the splendour of of it all, and the farthest thing from your Mind is the soon to be approaching cycle of Fall and Winter. STAY in THAT state of Mind. When winter days bring rain in our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical lives … keep that summer spirit alive.

Don’t spend the chill time going UP the roller coaster, worrying about the thrill time coming DOWN the roller coaster. Enjoy them both … knowing that in ALL things there are UP’s and DOWN’s. You job is to balance the flux. Just like balancing a pencil on your finger. Both sides must be equal to obtain proper balance. Right in the middle is where you must learn to stay. Balance your scales … it can never be greater than the other in both directions. For as much “bad” as there may seem to be … there is equally as much “good.” Maintain a good attitude, and you will achieve harmony in your life and in others.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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