Realize What You Truly Are Beyond Form. ( THIS is All You Truly Need ) A Guided Meditation

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Full Transcription:
Please find a comfortable and quiet place to sit for the next 20 minutes during this meditation you will come back home it’s time you will know yourself for what you truly are and always have been So if you haven’t already please close your eyes and let’s begin the eyes they are the window to the external reality once you close then the external no longer exists yes you may still feel Sensations and hear things but none of that is happening outside of you everything and

I mean everything happens Within within what you truly are as awareness as life as God realize that regardless of what happens you can’t say this isn’t happening within life within you No and it’s safe to let go of the story or your life it’s not yours anyways it’s safe to Let It Go realize how the story of your life is simply a collection of thoughts that continuously rise they come and go so how could it be what you truly are

Know yourself as that which never changes as that which never goes anywhere you are not these thoughts you are not your beliefs or your opinions or your knowledge for now just let it all go it’s not needed drop your name your gender you color your desires your wants all of these

Things can go and you’ll still have that feeling of I am alive I exist Now if you’re not old these things you may be Wonder well what am I well let me point you back home Ask yourself am I aware and go directly into the experience that confirms it it’s not a mental answer now become aware of something maybe your breath or your hands and feet choose one and direct your attention to it effortlessly know that you are already aware of everything effortlessly it’s

Just about where you place attention Are you ready for magic now that you are aware become aware of that sense of awareness direct your attention to yourself to awareness if thoughts arise that say how do I do that realize the awareness that’s aware of that thought nothing and I mean nothing matters right now simply be aware of awareness You’ll notice that you actually cannot be aware of awareness because it has no form you are now being this is how you be saying become aware of awareness is just language used to point you back home to being Now for the remainder of this meditation this is your main focus to be even if you slip back into thought continue to come back to awareness As you focus on this I will now speak about your nature and I want you to confirm everything I say by realizing it realize I am speaking truth to truth Consciousness to consciousness So when I say you I’m not talking about Forum because you are not form you are awareness To you as awareness do you leave do you ever take a break from being aware even when form is confused or one form appears to suffer to have anxiety to fear to seek aren’t you always there because if you aren’t there would be no experience Realize that you can never not be here realize that you can never be damaged or attached realize that you cannot suffer because you are the awareness of suffering realize that you never change never you’ve always been here and you’ve never changed things that you are not change

And come and go such as thoughts and the body to things that you are not this is home it’s been this close the whole time it’s closer than any thought or feeling than any imagination or memory You don’t have to go anywhere to find it you can’t look for it because you’re already looking from it Sink deep with yourself for a little while send love and compassion be grateful for yourself Foreign foreign Foreign Now know that this awareness that you truly are isn’t personal it doesn’t belong to anyone whatever your form’s name is this isn’t your awareness the character you have believed yourself to be doesn’t actually exist see how it’s a creation of the Mind This awareness is God is consciousness his life itself you are the source of existence to not belittle yourself you are this power God isn’t separate from you you notice how in religion they teach to worship and give your life over to God well yes that’s the correct thing to do

If you realize that you are God religion has answers it’s just you have to see what it’s actually pointing to we all have heard the Kingdom of Heaven is within while you just found it this is what Jesus was talking about be yourself no need to know it Constantly direct your attention back to yourself fall in love with being and everything will align if this is your main focus your old conditioning and programming will simply fall away naturally because you’re coming home to truth if you don’t trust anyone trust yourself yourself as awareness this is what faith

Is truly pointing to to trust self they’re known you To seek for self is over become aware of awareness and know this is what you truly are this is what you have been looking for it’s the mind that wants it’s the mind that needs not you you are already whole and complete because you are everything Notice how if you have realized this this means everyone is this what you have realized you are everyone and everything behind appearances behind ego behind personality we are all one as God the mind is what perceives separation it’s an illusion realize how nothing can be separate from awareness if it was it

Wouldn’t exist noting can be separate from life from you You are not afraid you are not sad you are not lacking something you are not worried you are not thinking you are not feeling you are not doing anything Just being Foreign No need to look for yourself in the external world you’re already looking from it welcome home

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