Realize This About Anxiety To Let Go Of It Forever

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Full Transcription:
Has anxiety been one of those issues that has been holding you back from your full potential that constant feeling in your chest and the ruminating thoughts about the future has been making life feel so difficult for you well stick around while I break down what anxiety

Is and how to cure this completely I had some of my viewers leave comments describing their life situation so that I can make a video specifically for them but I will keep it pretty General so that everyone can still relate so first I want you all to realize and confirm

That anxiety takes place in the mind anxiety only comes from thinking about what might happen in the future that future can be 10 seconds from now and yes I know how uncomfortable and annoying your anxiety can be because you know about your potential but this anxiety just seems to stand in your way

The moment you want to do something that worry and anxiety comes even when you’re just sitting in your room random scenarios will begin playing in your head making you worry about something that isn’t happening it causes so much unnecessary suffering and the emotional pull can be pretty heavy too yes anxiety

Takes place in the mind but the mind will and can create emotions in the body here’s something I want you all to notice whenever you feel your anxiety notice how it makes your body feel have the courage to drop the mental story attached to the feeling and just

Feel wherever the most intense sensation is that I wouldn’t say focus on it hard have a soft awareness of it and notice how it’s just a sensation don’t label it uncomfortable it’s not uncomfortable it’s just a sensation there is no Sensation that we cannot live with it’s the mind telling us these negative

Things about how we feel this will allow that energy in the body to come and go your anxiety doesn’t want to stay in the body but the ego wants it too let go of what you’re thinking about it’s not important it’s not going to help you get rid of anxiety

The overwhelming feeling in the body is no longer overwhelming just label it a sensation actually don’t label it at all just feel it I know how strong the sensation may be but just because it feels a certain way doesn’t mean it’s bad this is basically the process of letting

Go when you have no resistance to how you feel that energy is now able to come and go no emotions or no thought can last forever so that’s one way to release anxiety CM says I can’t shake it off unless I focus on source for a while

But if I’m not focusing on Source the anxiety is back yes continue to focus on Source But realize that who you truly are is this Source it’s not separate from you it’s who you are instead of fighting your anxiety when it comes bring that Source awareness to your anxiety

Correct me if I’m wrong but it sounds like as soon as you feel your anxiety you completely fall into it and forget about who you are you don’t stop being who you are you just forget about it notice how anxiety is created within awareness within who you are anxiety

Rises in Awareness anxiety doesn’t create awareness who you truly are is always here and has always been here behind the thoughts and feelings of anxiety that awareness of it is still there you are still there instead of being aware of your anxiety when it comes become aware of your awareness of

It focus on who is seeing these thoughts and Sensations let go of being interested in what’s happening and become interested in seeing who knows the experience you can ask yourself questions like am I aware or who are these thoughts seen by but never answer them with words just

See where these questions lead you through experience this is the only true way to Let It Go deeply is to clearly see over and over again that anything I observe has nothing to do with who I am no thought no emotion No Object you can observe can be who you truly are the

More and more you return back to your true nature the easier life will be for you you will see that you are the peace and happiness you have been searching for and it’s always been here there has never been a time when you aren’t awareness you have always been here

We just forget why we are caught up in our experiences so if you’re working playing sport reading whatever it may be include that awareness of Self in your activities you are always there so don’t go searching for it just be you can’t find yourself you can only be yourself

I hope this was enough to give all of you some clarity on anxiety if you still have questions feel free to leave comments and if you want a video created for you leave a comment under my community post thank you all for watching

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